Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fun with friends...

We are so blessed to have wonderful friends all around us. You are all so important to us! I am on a mission to get pictures of the kids with all of their friends... look out, I'm coming at you with my camera!

With that said, here is a sweet picture of Claire and Blake.
My two new favorite pictures of the kids...

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Last night we had the opportunity to go to the Rangers game. Jeff got his firms seats for the night, always the best way to go to a game! :)

Last year we got to go and the kids lasted until the third inning. This year we made it to the fourth inning! Maybe one day we will be able to make it through the whole game!

The only bad thing about the night was the people sitting in front of us. They were the "kid loathing" type... you know the kind. Every time Claire or Luke would even brush by them the girl would turn around and give me a death look. Believe me, the kids were SO well behaved. Ugh... people like that can really get under my skin. They didn't ruin the game for us though... we had a GREAT time!

Luke loved watching the players "HIT BALL!!!"

Daddy and Claire (this is my new favorite picture!)

Luke giving Daddy hugs!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Having fun...

I love spring time! It's so fun to be able to do things outside. Last weekend our small group had a garage sale to benefit a girl from our community. We raised over $700 dollars! It was a very fun time. Claire and her buddy Lael liked pretending that they were running a lemonade stand like the other (bigger) girls did. SO cute!

Yesterday we had the opportunity to go to the zoo with Claire's BFF Gracie Claire. Luke and Sydney got to tag along too.

On a side note: If you still need a Mother's day gift, I am willing to extend my deadline! I have had several people ask me if I could squeeze them in... Just contact me through etsy :) Happy Thursday!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Just kidding...

THE FUNNIEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN. I'm not kidding. When I saw this last Saturday I seriously thought I was going to pass out because I could not catch my breath.


Last Thursday we had a really nasty storm come through. When the weather man starts showing your neighborhood on the screen, it's hard to not get scared! Grapefruit sized hail was predicted...we only got golf ball/ quarter sized! Thank goodness. Here are some pics from shortly after we emerged from hiding!

Some new pictures of the kids and Bailey. Below: Claire showing off her new Earth day shirt.

The munchkins with Bailey. Not the best picture, but it shows you how big Bailey is getting. She really is a very small dog. I don't think she is going to be very big at all.
Last weekend we took the kids to play miniature golf. I'll admit it, I was sceptical! I didn't think that they would last the whole time. I was wrong. They LOVED every minute of it. Luke talks about golf constantly. He walks around the house yelling "Hit ball! Yea Wuke!!!"
Here are a few of the pictures from our outing... The next Trevor Immelman. Sweet munchkins

Friday, April 11, 2008


I just saw this you tube video on Britney's blog... I am going to hijack it for my own now.
This video proves that music is SO universal. It is ageless. I mentioned a few posts ago that I liked a song that a tween would like. I don't feel bad about it now.
Not only is Coldplay one of my favorite bands, but I almost cried when I heard this mans oxygen tank puffing into the microphone (reminds me of my Oma).
Apparently this choral group called "young at heart" covers tons of bands such as : Coldplay, The Ramones and even Sonic Youth! I LOVE IT!!!!!
Anyway, I hope this video makes you smile as much as I did! Happy Friday! PS look for the sweet older lady in the audience singing along. Precious!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Self promotion...

If you need a gift for Mother's day, please let me know asap. I will take custom orders until April 20th. If you have no clue what I am talking about, go click on my etsy site! I am adding pewter settings to my shop. I know my Mom LOVES wearing her grand kids around her neck! :)
OK, enough already... I promise to post some pictures next time!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Conversation of the day...

I promise this won't become a pattern, but I needed to share this conversation with you. It is fresh in my mind, and I wish it were not! This morning I took the kids to Walmart to do my grocery shopping. When I have an extensive shopping trip ahead of me, I get the kids happy meals and let them eat lunch while I shop. It makes my world just a tad easier! Anyway, today's HM toys were a pirate ship and a princess crown. You would have thought we won the lottery. The kids did a great job during our time there, but then came the check out line.
So, here is the conversation that followed... (between Me, Claire, and the Odd Check Out Guy)

C- "MOM, MY BOTTOM HURTS!!!" (imagine this in a LOUD three year old voice!)
E- "Claire, please use your quiet voice, that's not something we say loudly!"
OCOG- "Did she say her bum hurts?"
E- (awkward laugh) "yes."
OCOG- "Oh, 'cause mine does too, but probably for different reasons!"

WHAT????? Are you kidding me! I then proceeded to try to ignore him. I turned my attention to Luke. I said...
"Luke, don't drop your SHIP."
OCOG says...
"Did you just say SH** in front of your kid?!"

I have never wanted to leave Walmart so badly in my whole life... and that is saying a lot!!! Oh, wait, this incident might rally some competition. Wow, why do I continue to go there, why?

On a side not... did you read Pioneer Woman today (it is titled "My brother, my filter)? Go read it, make sure to click on the link at the bottom of today's post. I promise you will laugh out loud. I sure did!!!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


While I was putting Claire in her car seat today this is the conversation that took place...

C- "Mom, can I have some gum?"
E- "Yes, but I need you to wait until we get to the store."
C- "But Mommmy (whine, whine, whine), I want gum NOW!
E- "Is that a nice way to ask me?"
C- "No, but Mom, I am weally cute, and I have a smiwey face on today!"

How do you keep a straight face when they give you answers like that?! I didn't give in though! She was given gum as soon as we got to the store!