Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Please go watch this! Our church did cardboard testimonies a few weekends ago, and they are POWERFUL! GOD works in wonderful ways.
Here is the link.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Long hair and rainbows

Claire is obsessed with having long hair. She thinks that everyone with long hair is beautiful. She wants her hair as long as possible... no matter what. Even though our daily hair routine starts and stops with screaming and tears, she still wants long hair. Today we were in Walmart and she saw a woman walk by. I did not see her right away, but Claire made her VERY evident to me. Claire started jumping up and down YELLING " Mommy, I want hair like THAT!!!" "LIKE HERS!!!" As I looked up, I saw a woman with hair that would have reached the ground if it would not have been wrapped around her waist. Yes, that's right folks, it was braided, and then threaded through her belt loops like a belt. So, my response to Claire you might ask? "Maybe when your older Claire, maybe when you older." I think I might have laughed a little too! I don't know why I am always amazed by the things I see and hear at that store... you would think I would walk in there looking for a story. Is it just me, or do you have fun times in that place too?!

On a side note, Claire and Luke love to say the prayers at every meal, and bed time. It is so sweet to hear them pray for all the things and people that are special to them. They never forget to mention Mommy, Daddy, Claire and Luke (usually several times each) they sometime throw in Shelby (the cat) and Bailey (the dog). Nana and Papa's always are included, and if Claire is in charge of the Prayer she always throws in something special... She talks about God, Jesus, and "Thank you for the rain and the beauuuutiful rainbow that God created!!!" While she says this line she throws her head back and arches her hand across the sky mimicking a rainbow. It is the sweetest thing... but it always makes Jeff and I laugh. She is SO dramatic and full of life! What a blessing we have been given!

Today Claire made a drawing of "The beauuuutiful world that God created" (that's how she says it!)
(clouds at the top, a rainbow, flowers, and grass... pretty good for a 3 year old!)