Sunday, March 30, 2008

Jeff's version of funny...

Today we took the kids to Lowe's. We let them use there Easter money to pick out all kinds of beautiful flowers. They love to garden. I let them dig in the dirt, pull the plants apart, and water the plants when we are done. Yeah, it creates a huge mess, but the have SO much fun. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures. I will try to take some tomorrow. They are very proud of there flowers.

So, on to "Jeff's version of funny"... As we were pulling into a parking spot at Lowe's, this was the conversation that took place:

Jeff- "Wow, this van really is easy to drive!"
Me- (rolling my eyes) "Yeah, I guess it has that going for it."
Jeff- "And it's easy to get the kids in and out!"
Me- "But it's not very cool."
Jeff- "Hey, you know, you're a lot like this van!"
Me- (rolling my eyes more) "Why is that?"
Jeff- "Well, you're not very cool, you're easy to drive, and you're easy to get kids in and out of!"
Me- (mouth hanging open) "thanks, dude... i love you too."

Later, I explained that getting kids out of anyone is NOT easy. I felt like I needed to emphasise that to him. Also, by "easy to drive" I think he meant I'm easy going! Come on, get your mind out of the gutter! :) If you don't know Jeff... rest assured, this is his version of funny. Ha. Ha.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Confessions and all things fabulous...

Confession number one: I heard a Jonas Brothers song on the radio tonight. I liked it. Yup, that's right I liked the same song that all those 12 year old girls like. I admit it, OK? If you are surprised by his confession you must not know me that well! :)

Confession number two: While driving along the highway tonight I saw some bluebonnets. They are just now blooming here in God's country (J/K). So here is the confession part... I have never taken pictures in bluebonnets... I know, it's almost a sin. I have lived in these parts since elementary school. We will be taking bluebonnet pictures this year.

Confession number three: While watching the Bachelor this week I had several moments when I broke out into nervous laughter. Mind you, I was ALONE in the room. I am SO not into being embarrassed. I was totally embarrassed by those silly "singing" girls this week. I couldn't handle it anymore- I had to fast forward the recording. In college, my roommates would go into the "Bean" (the cafeteria) and find the biggest football player they could. They would have him stand on a chair and yell my name. MORTIFIED. That is the only word I can think of. MORTIFIED.

OK, well I hope you had some laughs on my behalf. Now, go over to Fabulous K and read what she wrote about me. She named me "designer of the week"! It's a pretty big deal, she has quite a following! Thanks Kelly!
I also wanted to answer a question about the pendants too... If you want a custom pendant, with a picture or a word, go to my etsy site. I created a custom listing that gives you an opportunity to design your own. Just email me through etsy... it's that easy!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter with Nana

Jeff's Mom, Nana Janis, left today. She was able to visit for almost a week! We had a great time playing and shopping! Unfortunately, on Easter eve, Luke caught some kind of stomach bug. He was then successful passing it to me and Nana. Yuck. We spent all of Easter in our PJ's. Luke is still pretty sick, and I am recovering. We have been hit really hard with sickness this season, especially me and Luke. I am anxious to get rid of all of this sickness.

In an attempt to spend some time outside today, Claire, Luke and I planted a few flowers. The kids received an Easter package in the mail from Nana Sara last week. These boots, that they are wearing in the picture, were part of the surprises. Luke wants to wear them everywhere... cute little guy!

I have enjoyed looking at every ones cute Easter pictures. Mine didn't turn out so well. I am in the process of fixing them up... I will post them soon. Making up for our not so great Easter pictures are our AMAZING Storyteller Photography pictures! You can view them by clicking on the above link and using my email address as your password. It will take you to our slideshow... And, here is a great opportunity for all of you blog- stalkers out there!!! Leave me a comment and I will email you the password! I would love to hear from you, and I would hate for you to miss these pictures!
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Monday, March 17, 2008

To do...

1. Write a to do list.

2. Think of the millions of thing that I have to get done before we have company.

3. Explain to C and L that Yes, Mommy has chores to do.

4. Accept that I will probably not get it all done.


In other news: Luke is getting to be such a big boy! He has been successful on the potty several times! He is saying sentences! "OK momma, I won't do that!" I love that one!

Claire and I went to Abilene this weekend. We stayed in a "Hometel" with four of my dearest friends for ACU. We shopped, we ate, and we went to a fabulous princess party for sweet Sofia! A fun time was had by all! Claire was amazing. She took a total of NO naps, and she was still an angel! For Sofie's birthday I made her and Claire matching dolls. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of them together. :(

Pretending to sleep in the hotel...

Claire's "Quaire doll". (this is not an original idea... I adapted the template from Black Apple, which I downloaded from Martha Stewart!) You should check this girl out... she is amazing! She has an etsy site linked on her blog.
P.S. I added a few new pendants to my etsy site! --->

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Being fierce, snow, and storytelling...

1. Christian won Project Runway. I was not a fan in the beginning but he grew on me. He is "fierce, fabulous, and flawless"! If I was 8 feet tall I would totally wear all of his line, feathers and all!

2. The snow was great. I'm glad we don't have it all of the time though. It is hard lugging 2 kids and a puppy in and out of the car when it is that icy. Bailey had her second puppy check up on Wednesday. She did great, no going into shock this time. While we were in the pet store I let Luke play with my keys. Bad move. He pushed all of the buttons. When we got back to the car, all of my doors were open and the inside of my car was icy. Nice.

The view from our house...

Claire took care of Bailey after she came home from the vet...

3. Claire is really in to making up stories. See the video below... In this video she is telling a story about two elephants that have "stuck boo-boo's". In the end she tells me that Jesus told her the story. Apparently, Jesus is standing by our refrigerator and dancing. I wish I had the mind of a three year old, her mind is so vivid.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Things to be happy about...

1. After spending three hours cleaning my bathroom and bedroom today, I think I will be able to sleep really well tonight!
2. Claire declared my beef stew "D-wicious"!!
3. IT IS SNOWING!!! It is also sticking... LOVE IT!!