Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Quote of the day...

Claire: Who's coming over to our house?
Mommy: No one, why?
Claire: Because you are cleaning the kitchen!
Mommy: Oh.

Maybe that should be a HUGE hint to me.
Today has been a VERY long day... maybe tomorrow I will have the patience left in my being to post pictures. Until then, have a good night.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hey, over here!!!

So, Sunday night was the annual Hot Dog Banquet at church. One word: precious. The evening is used as a tool to teach all of the children about missions and missionaries. The evening began with a feast of hot dogs. Next, we split into groups and went from station to station learning all about each country and there specific needs. Claire was FABULOUS! She sat and listened the whole time. I was impressed... I think there were six or seven stations! After that event was over we headed back to our table to hear some Q and A from the missionaries and some really cute kiddos. After each missionary was interviewed the child would pray over him or her. My favorite prayer: "Dear Lord, please help ___ to not get poisoned". It was hysterical, yet SO sweet. Then came the best part... the song. Claire wanted to be in the "Hot Dog Choir" and I really thought it was something she could handle. When the music started Claire started turning around to see what all of the kids were doing behind her. I kept whispering "Hey, Claire, turn around... sing, hey over here... Claire!!!" To no avail, she had her back to the audience most of the time. Oh, well... I guess I could have dressed her up in a pretty dress. She might have stood there with her skirt over her head instead! In case you think I am exaggerating (which, if you know me... then it is entirely possible!) here is the video.

Her little friend Benjamin is the cutie in the striped shirt that comes in and out of the picture on the video. If you listen carefully you will hear him say "I've got something for ya!" He then jumps off the stage and brings his Mom a booger! (We had a great laugh over that one!) Basically, the whole thing was hysterical! I just love these kids. Here is a picture of Benjamin, Claire and Payton at the end of the evening.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


In our small group at church we are talking about how we can show Christ to the people around us. Sometimes this means using words, and sometimes words are not necessary. I have been thinking a lot about this topic, and I randomly ran across this short video online. I have not seen it any where else, and it is worth your time. I hope it inspires you to think about how you wear Christ for all the world to see...
The Simple Truths of Service inspired by Johnny the bagger.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I had a very long conversation with one of my old roommates about creativity yesterday. Creativity can be discouraging. I love, love, love to make things... but if it doesn't turn out exactly the way it looked in my head, then I get discouraged. Anyway, I have been feeling this a lot lately about my projects. So, in light of others feeling the same way I am, I want to give some "shout outs" to my very creative friends... here it goes! (click on there names and check out there talent!)

Sarah Maxwell English- This girl is on her way to being a famous artist. No joke people. Right now she is designing children's clothing for JC Penny. Check out her work- amazing. I am very proud to call her my friend!
Sarah Carpenter- A very sweet friend, and a fellow stay at home Mom. Sarah and I share sewing and crafting as our hobbies. She is starting a new business selling Burpies and cute wall letters!
Sara Harrow (my Mom!)- Well, you might have already noticed the embroidery on the dresses that I make... My Mom has a great business in Colorado called By Faith Alone. She does custom embroidery and also has an etiquette column in Northern Colorado Women's magazine.
Andrea Spiceland- I met Andrea when I married Jeff. She and her husband are Jeff's long time friends! Andrea is creative in a different kind of way. She is very wise... right now on her blog she is teaching others how to save money. She does a better job than I could do talking about it, so go over and check it out! (this is one area of creativity that I am seriously lacking! :) )
Kelly- We have never met, but I know for sure that she is a great girl! Kelly is starting a new business designing blogs. I have mentioned her before in a previous post... but now she has an official site that you can go visit! She is also giving away a free header, so hurry up and leave her a comment so she will choose you... that's how I go this cute page! :)

So, if you know someone that you want to add to my list, leave a comment so that we can all enjoy there work! Don't be modest... add yourself! :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

play time

On Sunday night the kids and I went to church for small group (Jeff was at the Cowboys game). All of the women in our group met and had dinner while the kids played in there classes. I am very blessed to have such wonderful friends... we had a great time talking! After we picked the kids up we let them play in our churches new play area. It is HUGE. The play "area" is a two story jungle gym structure with a giant twirly slide attached. It has been finished for a few weeks now but Claire has been ultra cautious of it. She has not been able to go above the first level, but on Sunday night her sweet friend Payton helped her go all the way to the top and slide down the slide. He was so encouraging... he kept saying "your really doing a good job Claire, you can do it!" She was very excited about her accomplishment! She couldn't wait to tell her Daddy what she had done! Luke was feeling a little left out, so I decided to take him all the way to the top and slide down with him! Wow, what a work out that was!!! He loved every second of it! All of the other girls in my group did the slide too... I've got some pretty funny pictures girls! :)
Here are a few pictures... the last one is random. Claire likes to pretend that Luke is her baby. He plays along. I wonder how long that will last? :)

Mommy and Luke coming down the slide

Claire and Payton Claire pushing her "baby" around the house.

Friday, October 12, 2007


Luke's surgery went well! Thank you for all of your prayers. More later...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

calm (part 2)

Calm yet... NO. Luke and I had our normal Thursday morning while Claire was at school. He took a short nap, we played, and then we ate lunch. After lunch we played some more, but he was acting funny. He kept licking me, licking his arm, licking the couch. At times Claire likes to pretend she is a cat, this includes pretending to give herself a bath, cat style. Luke loves to imitate his big sister, so I just assumed he was licking everything because he was also pretending to be a cat. I was wrong. This went on for an hour. Finally, we got in the car to go pick up Claire . I was putting Luke in his car seat and I saw a flash of something on his tongue. It was a FIRE ANT!!! It was latched on to the tip of his tongue, and it was thrashing around. I tried to pull it off, but it wouldn't let go. Finally, after many attempts I succeeded. Poor Luke, his tongue is swollen, and so is his cheek. He is even drooling! The weird thing is, that he never cried! I think I would have been screaming if that had happened to me... Anyway, he is fine... but I am still not calm.
Some thoughts that are going through my head: How did he get a fire ant in his mouth? Where did this fire ant come from... we never went outside! There are lots more thoughts, but I won't bore you.

On to Claire... Every time she comes home from school, she complains about a certain girl. It's always the same girl, let's call her "E". "E pushed me." "E hit me." "E threw a rock at me." Today's complaint was "E hurt my lip." Normally I just listen and then discuss with her what we do when others are not nice to us, but today she really did have a mark on her lip. Here is the funny thing: There is no child by the name of "E" in her class. Does the so called child exist, or has Claire made up an imaginary bully? So, all you Moms out there... What would you do? Would you ignore it? Would you say something? I am apprehensive to say anything because I don't want to be one of "those" moms that will tell anyone that her child is perfect. Believe me, Claire has her moments! :) So, speak up Mom's I really do want to know what you would do.


This piece is by Alyson Fox... I found it on my friend Sarah's blog.
I'm not calm. So, this is a great reminder for me today.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

My blog...

Do you LOVE it? I do! Kelly made me a new header! She is a friend of a friend of a friend... we have never met, and she made me a header that really fits me! You should go check her blog out! She also did Allison M.'s new blog look! THANKS Kelly!!!

In other news... Luke is having surgery on Friday. He will be having his sinus passages cleaned out and also having tubes put in. The poor little guy just can't get over those ear infections. Hopefully this surgery will help!

Tonight Jeff and I are going to dinner with some of our awesome friends... just adults, NO kids. Can you believe it? I am SOO excited I can hardly contain myself! Claire and Luke are SO excited too, because they get to play with KJL! It's a win- win situation! :)

Also, thank you so much for all of your sweet comments about my cake! You really made my day! :)

I will leave you with a picture of Luke wearing Claire's sunglasses... he thought he was pretty funny!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Eat your cake.

I think I have a new hobby (like I needed another one)! I made this cake for a friends baby shower. It came out way better than I expected... I can't wait to make another one!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Silly girl...

I have noticed that Claire is beginning to learn tricks from other kids. She most recently has learned how to make silly faces. While Dale and Janis were here visiting Claire, Daddy and Papa Dale had a silly face contest. It was beyond funny... I laughed so hard. Unfortunately I didn't catch any of Papa's funny faces on camera, but we did catch Daddy and Claire. So who do you think is funnier? (Isn't Jeff a good sport?!)

Monday, October 01, 2007

To much to write about...

Well, when you wait to long to blog, it seems like there is to much to write down. I will try my best to condense it all.

Claire- Last week at school, Claire got the "star of the week" award for "praising God" in chapel! I am SOO proud of her. Next week Luke and I get to go to chapel with her and see her in action... can't wait!

Luke- The little guy is STILL having ear problems. We are taking him to the ENT tomorrow. Luke is also saying a ton of new words... Diego, bubbles, balloon, nana, papa, touch down, football. And just yesterday he learned how to sign "more"!

Besides all of the fun kid stuff, we have been really busy. Our air conditioner got replaced on Wednesday. On Saturday we all went down the the Stock Yards to see the daily cattle drive. Claire and Luke loved seeing all of the steers, cowboys and even an Indian!

Nana, Papa, Claire, Luke and Jeff with the Indian.
Mommy, Daddy, Claire and Luke (the steers name was Pecos Bill) :)
Claire wants to go to Billy Bobs!
Luke just wants to see the horses!