Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hey, over here!!!

So, Sunday night was the annual Hot Dog Banquet at church. One word: precious. The evening is used as a tool to teach all of the children about missions and missionaries. The evening began with a feast of hot dogs. Next, we split into groups and went from station to station learning all about each country and there specific needs. Claire was FABULOUS! She sat and listened the whole time. I was impressed... I think there were six or seven stations! After that event was over we headed back to our table to hear some Q and A from the missionaries and some really cute kiddos. After each missionary was interviewed the child would pray over him or her. My favorite prayer: "Dear Lord, please help ___ to not get poisoned". It was hysterical, yet SO sweet. Then came the best part... the song. Claire wanted to be in the "Hot Dog Choir" and I really thought it was something she could handle. When the music started Claire started turning around to see what all of the kids were doing behind her. I kept whispering "Hey, Claire, turn around... sing, hey over here... Claire!!!" To no avail, she had her back to the audience most of the time. Oh, well... I guess I could have dressed her up in a pretty dress. She might have stood there with her skirt over her head instead! In case you think I am exaggerating (which, if you know me... then it is entirely possible!) here is the video.

Her little friend Benjamin is the cutie in the striped shirt that comes in and out of the picture on the video. If you listen carefully you will hear him say "I've got something for ya!" He then jumps off the stage and brings his Mom a booger! (We had a great laugh over that one!) Basically, the whole thing was hysterical! I just love these kids. Here is a picture of Benjamin, Claire and Payton at the end of the evening.


Brooks Inc. said...


Loved the video....Claire is such a doll! I love that she and Pate have the same deer in the headlights look in the last picture. So cute.

On the way home Benjamin finally was able to get out that the reason he was crying was because someone pushed him off the stage...Ummm-no, actually son, it appeared you jumped down multiple times on your own. Sure love all 3 of those kids!


Kelly said...

Claire is so cute! I love her cute little bow and outfit :)

Uncle John said...

Why does Land of the Giants come to my mind? Claire did extremely well, especially considering how tiny she looked next to the other kids.