Monday, October 01, 2007

To much to write about...

Well, when you wait to long to blog, it seems like there is to much to write down. I will try my best to condense it all.

Claire- Last week at school, Claire got the "star of the week" award for "praising God" in chapel! I am SOO proud of her. Next week Luke and I get to go to chapel with her and see her in action... can't wait!

Luke- The little guy is STILL having ear problems. We are taking him to the ENT tomorrow. Luke is also saying a ton of new words... Diego, bubbles, balloon, nana, papa, touch down, football. And just yesterday he learned how to sign "more"!

Besides all of the fun kid stuff, we have been really busy. Our air conditioner got replaced on Wednesday. On Saturday we all went down the the Stock Yards to see the daily cattle drive. Claire and Luke loved seeing all of the steers, cowboys and even an Indian!

Nana, Papa, Claire, Luke and Jeff with the Indian.
Mommy, Daddy, Claire and Luke (the steers name was Pecos Bill) :)
Claire wants to go to Billy Bobs!
Luke just wants to see the horses!


Andrea said...

How cute! It was good to talk to you the other day, we'll have to chat when we each have some more time!

Jennie said...

How fun for the kids. That "Pecos Bill" is a bit scary though.