Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Baby Luke

He's here! Luke Emerson arrived at 12:26pm on Wed. May 25 (our anniversary). I went straight to labor and delivery after my doctors appointment and had my c-section an hour and a half later. I was much more coherant for this surgery than the last, making it a little scarier. Plus, after Luke came out I got to watch the nurses trying to regulate his breathing, and then make the descion to move him to the NICU. Not very fun to watch. He only spent a day and a half there... for IV antibiotics, fluids and breathing treatments. When I finally got to keep him in my room I was so happy and relieved. He is a very sweet little boy, so far a lot like Claire was. Very quite and laid back, but Luke seems a lot more snuggley. We came home on Sunday afternoon, and are just trying to rest up. Here are some pictures of Claires new baby brother. PS he weighed 6# 13 oz and was 19 1/2 inches long.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


My Mom and I just went on a very slow walk around the block... I really don't know how people have babies without medication. Tommorow morning I am going to go to the doctor and hopefully have this baby. I am so excited to see him, and SO ready to not be pregnant anymore. Tommorow is also mine and Jeff's 4th anniversary! It is amazing how time goes by! I am so thankful to have such a wonderful husband... Well, just thought I would leave a quick update. Hopefully sometime tommorow we will have a baby, otherwise I will leave another update!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

At Home...

Hi! I am writing from home... I really thought I was going to be put in the hospital yesterday, but I ended up getting to come home! I am still at 2cm, and my doctor took me off the horrible medication that I was on. It was making my heart race, so he thought it would be best to quit taking it. He wants me to make it one more week, and then if I go into labor after next Tuesday I will have my c-section. Luke will still be premature, but the doctor assured me that he would be ok. Yeah!!! I really hope I can make it one more week! On another note, Claire learned how to spell her name yesterday! Well, kind of... She imitates me spelling her name. She has a hard time saying the 'R' and 'L', but she can sure say her vowels! I will try to get it on video soon!

Sunday, May 14, 2006


I hope you all had a fun Mothers Day. I did! I had to sit on the couch all day, but it was still a nice day. Jeff and Claire got me flowers, and a bunch of stuff to keep me occupied while I sit. Yesterday, Jeff got us all dinner. I guess you could call it our Mothers Day dinner. One of my favorite foods is buffalo wings, so that's what we had. My favorite wing place closed, so we had Hooters! Ha, Ha! How many people can say that they had Hooters for there mothers day dinner?!! Don't worry, it was take out. On a different note, Claire has been learning so many new words lately. One of them being "NO". She loves to tell you "NO" any time you ask her a question... and it is very hard not to laugh when she says it. Here is a new video of her using her favorite new word... I hope it makes you laugh too!

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Thursday, May 11, 2006


I just talked to Jeff, Apparently Claire is having a delayed allergic reaction to amoxicllin. Who knew? He said she would be ok... please keep praying though.

Not so good...

Well, this post is mostly to just occupy my time. Today was just a normal day... the house showed 3 times, Claire was a happy girl, I was semi- compliant to my bedrest, and my Mom ran around and picked up after Claire all day. Unfortunatly when Claire got up from her nap at 5:00pm she had a very bad rash, so bad she wouldn't let us put clothes on her. Then when it came time to eat she refused... NOT typical Claire. Then while I was holding her, at the dinner table she threw up every where. I've always heard that when your own kid throws up you can handle it... I must say that I did pretty well. I just held her and Mom and Jeff cleaned up. To much info... i'll stop. Jeff and Claire are at the pediatric urgent care right now and I am waiting to hear from him. Anyway, I would ask all of you to pray for us, the whole family. I really feel that we are being attacked. Bed rest, the house not selling, Claire being sick... please pray for protection for us. I am a strong believer that Satan can attack us at our most vulnerable times, But I also know that God is our strength and protection...

Monday, May 08, 2006

New movie...

Well, all is going fine here. I am getting very tired of sitting, laying down and doing nothing. I go to the doctor tommorow, so I will update you all after my appointment. I am anxious to see what has happened in a week. In other news... we finally decided on a name. Drum roll please... His name is Luke Emerson Turner. What do you think? I am so excited about it. Luke means "light", and has so much Biblical meaning. Ben and Liz and Grant came over for dinner the other night. We had so much fun. Claire loves playing with Grant. Here is a new video of Ben and Jeff singing while Claire and Grant dance. I don't know which part makes me laugh more... the Dad's or the kids! Enjoy. I will update tommorow.

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

new news...

I went in for my two week check up yesterday. I really thought I would just go in, hear the heart beat, get weighed and go home. Nope. I mentioned that I have been having contractions, and some other symptomes, so the doctor ran a test and checked me. Unfortunatly I am already 2cm dialated. That is not a good thing, seeing that I still have a whole month left. So, as a result, I am now on bedrest. Yuck. With Claire I was on "partial bedrest". Basically, I just had to make sure and take breaks in between doing little tasks. This time though I can't do anything. I can take a bath and treck to the bathroom. No lifting Claire, no cooking, no get the idea. Your probably thinking- sweet deal! Not for me... I HATE sitting. I think I might be a little ADD, because it is hard for me to even sit and watch a movie. Luckily, I have a wonderful mother, and she is flying down tonight. She dropped everything to come down and take care of Claire. Please pray for my patience with having to sit all day, also pray for Claire, she does not understand why I can't pick her up. Also, please pray for the baby. He is fine, and healthy, but please pray that he can hold out for another 2 weeks. We need 2 weeks for his lungs to develope a little more. Also, pray for Jeff. He is so sweet to me, but I know this has to be stressful for him. Last night he had to cook, clean and put away toys, all after being at work all day. (Thank you Jeff!) Well, I will update soon. Have a great day.