Sunday, May 14, 2006


I hope you all had a fun Mothers Day. I did! I had to sit on the couch all day, but it was still a nice day. Jeff and Claire got me flowers, and a bunch of stuff to keep me occupied while I sit. Yesterday, Jeff got us all dinner. I guess you could call it our Mothers Day dinner. One of my favorite foods is buffalo wings, so that's what we had. My favorite wing place closed, so we had Hooters! Ha, Ha! How many people can say that they had Hooters for there mothers day dinner?!! Don't worry, it was take out. On a different note, Claire has been learning so many new words lately. One of them being "NO". She loves to tell you "NO" any time you ask her a question... and it is very hard not to laugh when she says it. Here is a new video of her using her favorite new word... I hope it makes you laugh too!

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Lisa Goolsby said...

That is just too funny - but I'm guessing sometimes it's not too funny for you! The way she is pushing out her lips when she says NO is too cute. She is getting to be so big.

Christy Z said...

That's funny now! Just wait till she's two and that's all she says and she really means it!
Hey, let me know if you need me to keep Claire when you go to the hospital. Even if you go when planned, she can still stay with me if you need for her to so your mom can be with you. I have a pack n play and she could stay as long as she needs to!
Have fun laying in bed. Christy

Allison said...

Soo funny! Matt and I laughed and laughed when we watched it. She is precious even when she says NO! :) Hope youre doing well!