Thursday, September 29, 2005

Baton Rouge

Tommorow we are driving to Baton Rouge! We have old friends there that we haven't seen in a while, and we are finally going to visit them. Apparently it is a 6-8 hour drive depending on whose driving. I have a feeling that we will be in the car for 8 hours. Jeff calls that "Claire Time". Everything takes more thought and more time when you have a baby! I'm hoping that once again she will be a good sport. Yesterday i wathched "Super Size Me". WOW. I will never eat Mcy D's EVER again! And Claire will definatly NEVER eat it. I would rather go down in history as the worlds meanest mom, then have my child eat that crap. Now the hard part is going to be... what do you eat on road trips? It seems like no matter were you are driving that is the only option. I think I will just starve tommorow.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Talk, talk, talk...

Today was SOO fun! My friend Sarah and I spent the whole day togather talking! We went to the mall, walked around and talked. Then we came back to my place and talked some more. I love chatting with old friends, it's so refreshing not to go through the whole small talk blah- blah before you can really have a conversation. Anyway, Claire has been sick the last few days... we are going through diapers like mad (if you know what I mean). Her Daddy would say that she is not being very cost effective (he's an accountant you know!) I'm supposed to go work in the nursery tommorow, but I think we will stay home and let Claire rest. Oh, guess what we just heard on the news... Facial skin sagging when you are old is not caused by the elastic in your skin failing. Apparently it is caused by your bone structure getting smaller. I guess this is the first time in history when it pays to be big boned! You can't have plastic surgery to get that done!!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Yuck... Why would a total stranger post on my blog about a dating service. Yuck. Does anyone know how to prevent this? I don't really know all the ins and outs of bloging yet. Claire is napping, and I just finished watching MARTHA. In my opinion she is a genious! I taught myself how to crochet last night. Very fun. Look out, your all getting scarfs for Christmas! J/K! Here is a cute pic of Claire and Shelby helping me in the kitchen last night. I guess I dropped a piece of chicken and they were both interested in it... Shelby won in the long run! Thats all for now...

Friday, September 16, 2005


Yesterday we (me and Claire) went to Abilene with Sarah... Claire did well, only cried a few times. The last time I blogged we were on our way out of town. It seems like we travel a lot. Good thing Claire doesn't mind. Tonight I am hosting a wedding shower for a couple that I have never met. A little out of my comfort zone, but it will be ok. The couple is from Mississippi, they are Katrina victims. It will be fun to make some new friends.