Sunday, November 16, 2008


Sunday's mean football at our house. Jeff likes to watch every possible game (sigh.). I can usually fill my time making something crafty! :)

I hope your having a relaxing Sunday too!

My pretty girl

Showing off their support for Daddy's game!

Even Bailey is enjoying the day!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Future fashionista...

Yesterday Claire was singing quietly in the backseat. I thought I could hear what she was saying but I thought surely not! I thought I heard hear saying "Jimmy Choo". So, I asked her to sing louder. She did. Sure enough, she was singing one of the songs from my ipod that I must play to often (oops). "Sick of this dress and these Jimmy Choo's..."
She wanted to know what Jimmy Choo's were. I explained that they were shoes. She then asked if she could have some! I laughed, HARD! I told her that when I got some, she could have some! :) Look out Jeff! We have a fashionista on our hands. I knew I kept Harper's Bazaar on every in-table for a reason! :)

Saturday, November 01, 2008


Claire and Luke had a great time dressing up this year! Claire was a fairy and Luke was a cowboy. Jeff took them up and down our cul de sac and that was just about the right amount of trick or treating for them! Bailey the beagle even wore a costume! She was a princess... and yes, I payed money for her costume! :) For some reason Jeff refused to take her with them trick or treating. So, I dressed her up anyway and stood in the yard with her! The kids loved it!

Me and my sweet girl! A fairy and a cowboy!

Nana Janis with Claire and Luke
The munchkins with their pumpkins... :)
Princess Bailey!