Saturday, November 01, 2008


Claire and Luke had a great time dressing up this year! Claire was a fairy and Luke was a cowboy. Jeff took them up and down our cul de sac and that was just about the right amount of trick or treating for them! Bailey the beagle even wore a costume! She was a princess... and yes, I payed money for her costume! :) For some reason Jeff refused to take her with them trick or treating. So, I dressed her up anyway and stood in the yard with her! The kids loved it!

Me and my sweet girl! A fairy and a cowboy!

Nana Janis with Claire and Luke
The munchkins with their pumpkins... :)
Princess Bailey!


Jennie said...

CUTE pictures! I love the fairy and cowboy AND the little four-legged princess!

Leah said...

Awwww, the kids look SO cute and I LOVE Bailey's costume, too! You look so cute in the picture with Claire!!

Jaime said...

They are getting so big!! I LOVE the pic of you and Claire! Too cute!! They look amazing! Miss you!!