Thursday, February 22, 2007

Playing with Hudson...

Today we got to go play with Claire and Lukes BFF Hudson! They had so much fun running around outside. Sadly, all three of the Turner clan got sunburned! Yikes... we are a pasty pale bunch! Here are some cute pictures of our fun playdate!

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A few things...

  • I feel really bad for Brittney. I wish everyone would leave her alone. I am really not a fan, but I just ache for her... she just seems so desperate.
  • Did you see Harry Conick Jr. on Ellen yesterday? HORRIBLE. The first thing out of his mouth was... "I want to announce that I am joining the custody case for Anna Nicole's baby, I'm her real father." OK, WHY is that funny??? Can anyone tell me what is funny about a little girl losing her mother and not knowing who her real father is?
  • 'Lost' is on tonight! I Can't wait!!!
  • I found a plastic set of golf clubs for Claire today. She is SOOO excited about playing golf with Daddy tonight!
  • Claire has started calling me Memi... i have no clue what it means or where she got it??? I think it is a mix of Mommy and Emily.
  • I gave away all of my summer clothes, it is so warm here... i guess that means I need to go shopping!!!
  • My Mom is coming to visit in two weeks... YEAH!
  • I don't have any pictures to post... they are both too busy for me to get a good picture of either one of them... I will keep trying though.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Now that the weather is nice again, we have been having a ton of fun! Yesterday we played outside for a long time. When Jeff got home from playing golf, we went on a walk and the kids rode in the wagon. Luke had never been in the wagon before. It was so cute... he held on to both sides and sat up so straight. He saw birds and kids playing and dogs barking. I love it when babies get to the stage when they become more aware of there surroundings! When we got home we played more, and even got to blow bubbles. Claire loves to be outside! Today on my way home from Bible study the thermometer in my car read 80 degrees! Amazing!

Another fun thing was Valentines day. Jeff came home with two dozen roses for me, three purple flowers for Claire and a red heart balloon for the kids to share. The next night we went to a great Italian restaurant for dinner... the kids included! We all had lots of fun! One more thing to add to my fun list... I am going to Abilene this weekend to meet up with six of my best friends and roommates from college! We are going to have a blast... probably lots of laughing! I hope Jeff has fun with the kids while I'm away... don't worry, It's only for one night!!! :)

Oh, and here is a funny story... Our good friends Brandon and Jennie went to NYC last week. Jennie had asked me if there was anything that I wanted them to get for me while they where there. Well, I have always wanted a Louis Vuitton. I don't however think that Jeff would ever let me spend the money on a real one... so, a knock off will do just fine. I gave Jennie a picture of what I wanted, hoping that she could just find it on the corner. Well, no such luck. Being as LV replicas are somewhat frowned upon (i know, i know, i do feel a little guilty!) there were none to be found on the corner. So, Jennie asked a woman on the street if she had any for sale. The women led them a few blocks and into a concrete building, down some stairs and into a big room filled with bags. Are you getting the idea that this is a little shady? Well, they ended up getting me a LV, and a few other bags for some other friends... keep in mind that B and J are SO not the kind of people to do this sort of thing! So, I now own a very nice LV, which I am convinced is either very real and stolen, or the best knock off I have ever seen! Thank you B and J for going out of your way for me... what good friends you are! :)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Happy Valentines Day! I hope you all have fun plans for the evening! Jeff and Luke are taking me and Claire out to dinner- should be a romantic evening! :) Claire is very excited, mostly because we hyped it up. This post will be somewhat of a rundown from all the things I have not told you in the last few days.

1. Claire, Luke and I went to Dallas last Friday so that we could go to the aquarium with "Aunt" Lisa. It was VERY fun! Claire loved seeing the fish, and LOVED having all of Lisa's attention. (Pictures following the post.)

2. Luke can sit up now. I know, I know... the little guy is just TOO busy to sit, so why learn how to do it!

3. I am going to venture out and start my own "business". Some of you know that I LOVE to sew. Not just sew, but create things... bags, clothing, recovering furniture, etc. So, my business name is emily. I will post pictures of my couture creations soon. P.S. I LOVE the word 'couture'. For many reasons, such as: it sounds fancy, it means "made by hand", and I just love the way it sounds!

Well, I guess you didn't miss too much since my last post! Have a great Valentines Day!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Luke's buddy

I had to post this picture... this is Lukes best buddy Korben. They are the same age by 3 days. Claire loves Korben too! I think if she had a choice she would trade Luke in for Korben!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Go Colts!!!

So, last night was a very happy night at our house! It was very fun to see Jeff's team win the Superbowl! Here are a few pictures to enjoy. In other news... Luke got his first tooth yesterday! Have a great Monday...

Friday, February 02, 2007

Jesus loves you.

Today I overheard Claire singing 'Jesus loves me' to Luke! If that wasn't sweet enough, she went on to say "Wuke, Jesus wuv you!" I have a very sweet hearted little girl... I am thankful for that.