Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A few things...

  • I feel really bad for Brittney. I wish everyone would leave her alone. I am really not a fan, but I just ache for her... she just seems so desperate.
  • Did you see Harry Conick Jr. on Ellen yesterday? HORRIBLE. The first thing out of his mouth was... "I want to announce that I am joining the custody case for Anna Nicole's baby, I'm her real father." OK, WHY is that funny??? Can anyone tell me what is funny about a little girl losing her mother and not knowing who her real father is?
  • 'Lost' is on tonight! I Can't wait!!!
  • I found a plastic set of golf clubs for Claire today. She is SOOO excited about playing golf with Daddy tonight!
  • Claire has started calling me Memi... i have no clue what it means or where she got it??? I think it is a mix of Mommy and Emily.
  • I gave away all of my summer clothes, it is so warm here... i guess that means I need to go shopping!!!
  • My Mom is coming to visit in two weeks... YEAH!
  • I don't have any pictures to post... they are both too busy for me to get a good picture of either one of them... I will keep trying though.


Allison said...

YAY, Uke and Dare are coming over to play tomorrow!

~ang said...

I feel the same way Em. I feel such a sadness for Britney and anyone who struggles with addiction in general. I wish I could tell her how much she is loved and valued by her Creator. Deep for a blog so I'll end now;)

love ya!