Sunday, March 30, 2008

Jeff's version of funny...

Today we took the kids to Lowe's. We let them use there Easter money to pick out all kinds of beautiful flowers. They love to garden. I let them dig in the dirt, pull the plants apart, and water the plants when we are done. Yeah, it creates a huge mess, but the have SO much fun. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures. I will try to take some tomorrow. They are very proud of there flowers.

So, on to "Jeff's version of funny"... As we were pulling into a parking spot at Lowe's, this was the conversation that took place:

Jeff- "Wow, this van really is easy to drive!"
Me- (rolling my eyes) "Yeah, I guess it has that going for it."
Jeff- "And it's easy to get the kids in and out!"
Me- "But it's not very cool."
Jeff- "Hey, you know, you're a lot like this van!"
Me- (rolling my eyes more) "Why is that?"
Jeff- "Well, you're not very cool, you're easy to drive, and you're easy to get kids in and out of!"
Me- (mouth hanging open) "thanks, dude... i love you too."

Later, I explained that getting kids out of anyone is NOT easy. I felt like I needed to emphasise that to him. Also, by "easy to drive" I think he meant I'm easy going! Come on, get your mind out of the gutter! :) If you don't know Jeff... rest assured, this is his version of funny. Ha. Ha.


sarah said...

seriously, laughed out loud. jeff is funny. and my mind was in the gutter.

but you are cool, even cooler than a mini van:)

Grandpa Turner said...

I LOL too. Of course Jeff was being funny - you are cool, you're not easy to drive, and it's not easy to get the kids in and out. You two are great together!

Jennie said...

LOL! I had to call Brandon into the room to read this to him. I think minivans are cool, expecially with drivers named Emily.

Amanda said...

Ha! Funny!

Andrea said...

Aw! This sure does make me miss you guys!

Alan W said...

Sounds like good Jeff humor...a slight put down but too funny to be mad at. But I'm just not sure I would want to compare my wife to a mini van. I imagine if Jeff was "with the guys" he would go with something much more favorable...