Monday, March 17, 2008

To do...

1. Write a to do list.

2. Think of the millions of thing that I have to get done before we have company.

3. Explain to C and L that Yes, Mommy has chores to do.

4. Accept that I will probably not get it all done.


In other news: Luke is getting to be such a big boy! He has been successful on the potty several times! He is saying sentences! "OK momma, I won't do that!" I love that one!

Claire and I went to Abilene this weekend. We stayed in a "Hometel" with four of my dearest friends for ACU. We shopped, we ate, and we went to a fabulous princess party for sweet Sofia! A fun time was had by all! Claire was amazing. She took a total of NO naps, and she was still an angel! For Sofie's birthday I made her and Claire matching dolls. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of them together. :(

Pretending to sleep in the hotel...

Claire's "Quaire doll". (this is not an original idea... I adapted the template from Black Apple, which I downloaded from Martha Stewart!) You should check this girl out... she is amazing! She has an etsy site linked on her blog.
P.S. I added a few new pendants to my etsy site! --->

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Sarah said...

i knew claire would be great. i'm so glad you guys got a girls weekend together. i LOVE the new pendants on etsy..sooo cute!