Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter with Nana

Jeff's Mom, Nana Janis, left today. She was able to visit for almost a week! We had a great time playing and shopping! Unfortunately, on Easter eve, Luke caught some kind of stomach bug. He was then successful passing it to me and Nana. Yuck. We spent all of Easter in our PJ's. Luke is still pretty sick, and I am recovering. We have been hit really hard with sickness this season, especially me and Luke. I am anxious to get rid of all of this sickness.

In an attempt to spend some time outside today, Claire, Luke and I planted a few flowers. The kids received an Easter package in the mail from Nana Sara last week. These boots, that they are wearing in the picture, were part of the surprises. Luke wants to wear them everywhere... cute little guy!

I have enjoyed looking at every ones cute Easter pictures. Mine didn't turn out so well. I am in the process of fixing them up... I will post them soon. Making up for our not so great Easter pictures are our AMAZING Storyteller Photography pictures! You can view them by clicking on the above link and using my email address as your password. It will take you to our slideshow... And, here is a great opportunity for all of you blog- stalkers out there!!! Leave me a comment and I will email you the password! I would love to hear from you, and I would hate for you to miss these pictures!
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Allison said...

Yes, that dress is MY FAVORITE! She looked so precious in it. She is going to wear it again to a family wedding in May.

Hope yall are doing well. Miss you guys so much!

Melissa Claire said...

Hey Emily~I would love to see pics of the kiddos! My email is Hope everyone is feeling better!

The Potts Family said...

I'm not really a stalker b/c I know you. :) I want to see the professional pics - but I don't have your email. check out my blog at
Your kids are so precious and Claire looks JUST like you!

Frankie, Marianna and Reyna said...

OK OK you caught me. I love reading stories of your kidos, and I would love to see more pictures of them. My email is

ABL said...

oh, Emily those pictures are amazing. they really capture your kiddos' cute personalities.

and i'm so sorry to hear that you guys have been sick again. i feel like a terrible friend for not checking on you sooner. i'll call soon!

Alexa said...

Me! Me! I'd like to see the pictures!

Fabulous K said...

Hey! I posted about emily on Fab K. {I hope that's ok!} You are my "designer of the week". Talk to you soon!


Christy Z said...

Your kids are so sweet. I can't believe they are getting so big. Time flies!!!

When are you going to start making your necklaces and selling them? I want one with my kids on it!!!