Thursday, March 27, 2008

Confessions and all things fabulous...

Confession number one: I heard a Jonas Brothers song on the radio tonight. I liked it. Yup, that's right I liked the same song that all those 12 year old girls like. I admit it, OK? If you are surprised by his confession you must not know me that well! :)

Confession number two: While driving along the highway tonight I saw some bluebonnets. They are just now blooming here in God's country (J/K). So here is the confession part... I have never taken pictures in bluebonnets... I know, it's almost a sin. I have lived in these parts since elementary school. We will be taking bluebonnet pictures this year.

Confession number three: While watching the Bachelor this week I had several moments when I broke out into nervous laughter. Mind you, I was ALONE in the room. I am SO not into being embarrassed. I was totally embarrassed by those silly "singing" girls this week. I couldn't handle it anymore- I had to fast forward the recording. In college, my roommates would go into the "Bean" (the cafeteria) and find the biggest football player they could. They would have him stand on a chair and yell my name. MORTIFIED. That is the only word I can think of. MORTIFIED.

OK, well I hope you had some laughs on my behalf. Now, go over to Fabulous K and read what she wrote about me. She named me "designer of the week"! It's a pretty big deal, she has quite a following! Thanks Kelly!
I also wanted to answer a question about the pendants too... If you want a custom pendant, with a picture or a word, go to my etsy site. I created a custom listing that gives you an opportunity to design your own. Just email me through etsy... it's that easy!


Allison said...

Saw the BIG shout-out!!! I still need to send my pictures your way. Can't wait to have a pendant!!!

Hope yall have a great weekend!!!

Sarah said...

I do the nervous laugh too, but even more than that i catch myself smiling really big while watching something embarassing :)

Congrats on designer of the week, we all knew you were fabulous.

Amanda said...

First of all, I get embarrassed while watching the Bachelor too...but continue to watch anyway.

Second, I love all of the pendants. I'm hoping to order soon. And congrats on being "designer of the week!" How fun is that!

Let's get together soon. :o)