Monday, April 30, 2007

More Claire stories...

So, last Thursday I had to run out and do an errand. I strapped the kids in to the double beast of a stroller and off we went. Oh, before I go on, I hope no one thinks that we are raising culturally insensitive children. In actuality, these stories are great examples of how innocent children are!

So... here are two conversations that occurred while in the store:

Claire: (in a VERY loud voice) Mommy, I have two Mommies???

Me: Umm, Umm, what are you talking about? NO, you have a Daddy and a Mommy.

What in the world? Where did that come from? The only thing I can think of is that at certain points in the day she can be very bossy towards Luke. To get her to stop I tell her that Luke doesn't need two Mommies... only one. I guess that must be too confusing for a two year old.

On to the next conversation...

Store Clerk: Oh, aren't you the cutest little girl... what is your babies name? (Claire had her baby under her arm.)

Claire: White baby.

Store Clerk: Oh. (looking at me like I am a horrible mother...)

Me: Ummm... it's because the cloth part of the body is white... she's two. (quickly walks away.)

Can I tell you how many times that has happened? Well, it happens all of the time. Claire refuses to name the baby anything else. And, she is right, the baby is made out of white cotton fabric, she calls it like she sees it. Any brilliant ideas on how I can get her to rename white baby?


Jennie said...

Here's an idea, what if you got Dora shirt for the doll and then just start calling the baby that.
But what do I know. This may not work at all.

Allison said...


sarah said...

i'm laughing so hard!!!

Liz*** said...

That is way funny! Grant walked through Target the other day saying, "Mommy spanked me with a stick". Of course there was an older lady looking at me like she wanted to call CPS! I had to distract him with some candy so he would stop saying it. And just in case ya'll are wondering, I do not spank him with a stick. He is referring to the "spanking spoon" that I threaten with but have only used twice. :) I am sure there are many more of these stories in our future!

carolyn said...

These are hilarious stories! Claire is so precious.

Amy Wiebe said...

Is there really anything wrong with her calling it white baby? So irritating that people would judge on that. I think I'd just say to those people "White is a color, too, you know. Not just a race." I like your response, too, though.

People... :)