Thursday, January 03, 2008

Say Cheeeese!!

Pictures from Christmas: We are blessed to be able to spend Christmas with BOTH of our families at the same time! Let me tell you... the kids LOVE every minute of it!

Luke and Opa (my Grandpa, Claire and Luke's Great Grandpa)
Luke wearing Opa's hat.
C and L got new big kid chairs from Opa and Oma.

Claire, Nana Janis and Nana Sara playing "London Bridges!"
Can't remember what was SO exciting in this picture! It's cute though!
Cutest Santa EVER!

On another note... yesterday I got to hang out with my oldest friend Katie. We went to the same schools growing up and have stayed close the whole time! I am thankful for you Katie! Here are some pictures from our day. We were supposed to go to the zoo, but because of the cold temps Claire chose to eat at Chilis and go to the "pat" store (pet store). Fun was had by all! :)

Claire loves corn on the cob!
Rosy cheeks
Always posing for the camera!
Claire and Katie

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Sarah said...

What precious kiddos! I love the picture of Luke in the Santa hat. So cute... It looks like Claire loves posing for the camera, too. Must be nice - I have to beg Clayton to smile. :)