Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Walk with me...

This post may get long. Lot's of things to talk about... a fabulous memory, Canada, and funny, funny Claire.

Let's start with the memory. Picture this... Me with a side ponytail and HUGE bangs. I was wearing my favorite NKOTB Joey t-shirt with a sweet ribbon t-shirt ring. I was with my Mom, and a few of my favorite friends from my girls scout troupe. The location? The NKOTB concert at Texas Stadium. I think I was in third or fourth grade. I can remember the noise and the heat like it was yesterday. I am actually sitting here smiling, because I can remember how truly ecstatic I was. Yes, we were screaming, and yes, I kept the paper fan that they were handing out. I even kept the ticket stubs, and collected streamers from the police line tape. I made a collage out of the whole thing.

Why am I telling you all of this? Well, it's not because I am embarrassed, because you know YOU did it too! I'm telling you this because one of the new NKOTB songs is out, and it is GREAT (it's called "Summertime"). You must go to itunes and buy it. It will make you remember things that you only thought you wanted to forget! :) If you know me well enough, none of this should be surprising you. Girls, I can't wait to hear similar stories... comment away!

Next, lets talk about Canada. Jeff got to bring me along on a business related trip to Whistler, British Columbia. It was nothing but fabulous and amazing. I have never been to such a beautiful place. I spent lot's of time at the spa, and lot's of time reading. A much needed break. Jeff played golf, and we also got to go to the top of a glacier. Amazing. One night we went to a "rock and role" themed dinner. The entertainment was none other than "Loverboy". Don't remember him? He sings "Workin for the weekend" and "Almost paradise". It was hysterical and lot's of fun.

The golf course in Whistler.
Jeff and I on top of the glacier.
A view from the ski lift.
A black bear that we spotted on the way down... they were everywhere!

And now for my sweet Claire. She is getting to be such a big girl. After she wakes up from her nap she has been helping me create things. Her latest creation involves threading buttons onto a stick in color order. She calls her creation a "button stick". I hope she grows up to be a crafty little thing!

Claire making a "button stick".


Kelli said...

So fun! I am so glad you got to get out of town for a while. You deserve a break now and then! Claire is growing so fast, it is just amazing! Hope you're having a great week!

Jennie said...

NKOTB rocks! It was the only concert I went to when I was living with my parents. NKOTB is "hanging tough" with their new single. Sounds like the old days.