Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

Today was a relaxing day at home. Tonight was our usual Saturday night at church, in which we love! However, I have a quick and funny story to share... as we where walking the kids to class Luke saw one of his favorite friends KJL. Luke ran to him and started to pull his pants down to show off his new pull ups. I caught him before he could successfully complete the act, and I explained to him that we don't pull our pants down in public. I took Claire to class while Jeff took Luke. Later this evening Jeff told me that while he was standing in front of Luke's classroom trying to find his name tag, Luke DID in fact take his pants to his ankles! KJL got to see Luke's new Cars pull up, which Luke is VERY proud of! OBVIOUSLY. The part I wish you could have seen... Luke standing there with his little jeans around his ankles, in the middle of a crowded hall, with a shirt that said "Lover boy" across his chest. That boy makes me laugh and I love him so very much. Happy Valentines Day.

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