Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Claire. Is. Funny.

A few days ago I noticed that there were lots of mysterious recordings on our dvr. They are all titled "kill dust mites". Humm. I know that I didn't record them, and the only other possibility was that they where recorded from the upstairs remote. Luke has no clue how to do that, but his big sissy is very tech savvy. A few days passed, and I forgot about it... until last night. As I was folding laundry in our room I went to turn on something that I dvr'd and I was reminded of it. Jeff, Luke and Claire happened to be in the room too, so I started questioning them.
I turned on the mysterious program, and Claire eyes LIT UP. Here was our conversation...

Claire: "I love this show!!!"
Me: "What is it?"
Claire: "It's the Steam Pocket. It's a cleaning machine. You just use water, no chemicals!!!"
Me: "What is that guys name?" (referring to the infomercial host)
Claire: "Oh, that's Mark!"

I asked her several more questions, and she told me all about the product. She even tried to tell me that we should get one. HA!
Seriously! She has been watching infomercials when she wakes up in the morning. Apparently this is her favorite! She crack me up. Jeff and I could not stop laughing. I love this girl!


ABL said...

Ok, I have always thought Ms Claire was creatively hilarious, but this tops them all. Love it!! (and her)

Jennie said...

That is pretty funny!

Sarah Lou said...

hide the credit cards!!! :)
silly claire


My Son Could write those infomercials.Shelby the Penguin

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Grandpa Turner said...

Yikes! It's amazing how much children can quickly pick things up. Kind of sobering. I think we need to be careful about violence, sex, beliefs, and other things as they age. I hope this doesn't sound like an old foggy writting this. Love, Grandpa T.

Amanda said...

Dear Emily,
I think you should start blogging again. Your last post was on December 30, 2009 and your about me says that you are the mom of TWO munchkins when we all know you are now the mom of THREE. I like, or I should say liked, reading your blog. Please Thanks so much for your time.
A ;)

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