Monday, October 31, 2005

No Soccer Mom Here!!!

Yeah! No mini vans for me! Update: on Thusday night i became the proud owner of a Chevy Trail Blazer! It is perfect! I am just getting used to driving it. Compared to my other car it feels like I am driving a semi! I even got leather seats... a first for me! I can't believe how well our little trip to the dealership went. When we bought our first car it was a disaster. The salesman leached on to me, he could tell that I was a sucker! But, this time the dealer was so friendly and didn't even try to throw us any lines! Most people think that car dealers are shady. I beg to differ... my Dad currently resides in the car business, and he is anything but shady. So, give them a break people... they are just doing there job. Ok, i'm done ranting... see you on the road!
On another note... Did you think I could post without talking about Claire? This weekend we went to three costume parties. Wow, Claire had so much fun. She loves playing with other kids. Tonight Jeff is going to take her to a few houses on our street while I stay behind and pass out candy. It should be a fun night! I'm not really a big Halloween fan... but who can resist cute little kids in there fun costumes? I just love opening the door and seeing smiling little ones so pumped about one piece of candy (maybe two if they are really cute!) I hope everyone has a fun night!!!

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Matt & Cindy Fleharty said...

Hi Emily!! Claire is adorable! Good to hear from you - keep in touch!