Monday, December 12, 2005

Funny questions to ask yourself...

Do you love these silly questionaires or what! I know I do! This one is the longest i've seen in a while, but it made me laugh a lot, so I thought it was worthy of replying to. I hope it makes you laugh too!


Something purple within 5 feet of you: my purple iMac

If the Matrix existed, would you want to know? Yes, but i still wouldn't get it.

How long can you hold your breath underwater? I don't know. At least five seconds.

Your nails were last painted? paint my nails? I don't have time for that!!!

The weirdest thing you've ever heated in the microwave? A clothe bag full of beans.

Ever done the Electric Slide? Oh yeah. All the time.

What japanese words do you know? Saki, koneishie wah, and karate kid.

Sparkly things? LOVE sparkly things, especially for Christmas!! :)

Ever crash a car, been in accidents? Only when I ride with my friend Sarah!!!

Do you look good in yellow? Nope

Do you sing? Only in the car, or to makeClaire laugh!

Ever sang in front of a crowd? No Way!!! Oh, wait... does church count, when other people are singing?

Do you dance? Only to make Jeff and Claire laugh!!!

Is your hair long enough to chew? yummy. yes it is!

Least favorite color? orange

Favorite kind of pizza? cheese

Ever had Dippin' Dots? nope

Ever played an instrument?: Yes. i was one of those band dorks in jr. high and high school. (oboe, flute and piano!)

How old were you when you got a cell phone? 18

Do you want to get married? I am married silly!!!

At what age do you want to get married? See above.

Have you ever been married? Only to Jeff!

At what age do you want to have kids? I already did that too!

How many kids? Who knows!
1) I am... tired.

2) My ex-boy/girlfriend was...uhh...I don't remember... (thats the politically correct answer!!!)

3) If I had one wish i'd get...My boobs done :)

4) Maybe I doing laundy.

5) I love...God, Jeff, Claire, My friends, My family... etc.

6) Budder-tup is... huh?

7) Looking for... my black sweater, do you have it? It has disappeared.

8) I don't understand...Lot's and lot's of things

9) I lost my...sweater, remember?

10) My boy/girlfriend is a(n)... my husband.

11) In darkness...i listen to Jeff sleep while I cannot.

12) Why do I... not know an answer to this question.

13) Is there such a thing as.... a person who can do all of your chores for you?

14) Do the... hustle!

15) People say I'm...short.

16) Love is...God

17) You make me wanna....shupe, shupie, dupe and reapeat!

18) Somewhere, someone is...sleeping.

19) Is it true that... people actually lived without cell phones and DVR's???

20) I will Jeff!

21) Forever is...waiting for pictures to be developed.

22) I never want to... eat peas.

23) I hate... doing the dishes!

That's all.

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Anonymous said...

I beg to differ on the "Do you look good in yellow" question b/c you look great in yellow! Seriuosly. Especially now with your dark hair!