Monday, December 12, 2005


Well, Claire got to sit on Santa's lap on Friday night. We waited in line for 30 minutes and then it was our turn. Jeff plopped Claire on his lap and they snapped the picture before she could even react. As you can see from this picture that I took she was not too excited about the experience. It is not the best picture in the world, and I'm sure $30 at the mall would have produced an even better picture... but, oh well. She is only One and Santa isn't the "reason for the season" is he? The party wasn't that great... long lines for food and tooo many people. On Saturday morning we went to a Birthday party for a little Two year old. It was at Mc Donalds, so the older kids had a blast. Claire had small bites of her first happy meal. It will not be a habit though. I am still determined that she will not eat that stuff. That's all for now... i need to finish laundry. Only 6 days until Colorado!

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