Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Big sister, Little brother

Claire LOVES Luke. She wants to hold him constantly. Luckily for me, he seems to like it too! She holds her hands out and say's "baby uke, baby uke!" When she is holding him she will kiss his head, and pat his tummy. He just lays there and coos at her. It is the sweetest thing. I know that when they get a little older they will probably not be so sweet to each other, so I am enjoying it for the moment. Labor day weekend we are going up to Indianapolis to visit Jeff's family. It should be very fun, once we are done with the plane trip. I am hoping for a tear free flight... we will see! Posted by Picasa

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Andrea said...

...and visiting Frank & Andrea, but we'll forgive you for forgetting that! :-) We are excited to see you!! Love, The Spiceland 5