Thursday, January 11, 2007

Claire's turn

The last post I did was about Luke, so being the Mom that I am, I feel like I have to make things fair and post about Claire too! Here are some fun things to know about Claire.

Favorite food: apples, grapes, "bresast" (breakfast), and rice milk.

Favorite toy: anything Diego or "fakpak" (Diego's backpack!)

Favorite thing to say: Anything that I say, that I don't want her to say... ex: "Oh, my gosh!". Claire will repeat the phrase, then I will say "Claire we don't say that." Then Claire replies with "Mommy say that!". (it's really hard not to laugh!) Then I have to follow up with "I know, but I shouldn't of said it..." Like she really understands...

Claire does not like: Claire hates it when Luke looks at her when she is crying! She gets so mad and says "NO, Wuke".

Claire loves: playing outside, singing, taking naps, going to church to "play with friends", and sing the "Jesus song" (Jesus loves me), The Wiggles, Diego and Dora, Hop (her pink bunny), and helping mommy with "baby Wuke".

Claire is: very sweet, a huge help to me, a great big sister, and a very precious little girl!

Today Jeff took Claire to Cook Children's to have chest x-rays, a sinus scan, and blood work for food allergy testing! We are finally going to get some answers that will hopefully help us in making her feel better. The last few weeks have not been fun for her. She has been having a horrible time with her asthma, and I am confident that it is linked to a food allergy that I am not all ready aware of. Please pray that these test will give us some answers!

I will leave you with a new video of Claire singing a medley of all of her favorite songs: The Goldfish song (Wiggles), Everybody Clap (Wiggles), ABC's, and Jesus love's me.

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Jennie said...

What about the all too favorite phrase of Claire and Brandon, "Yay, poop!" I am so glad that Claire is getting tested. Hopefully it will be the first step in helping her feel better.

ABLewis said...

Can I just say I love LOVE that girl? She is just so absolutely adorable, I could eat her up with a spoon! I really do hope the tests lead to some answers. We will be praying for precious Claire!
Also, wanted to let you know that we are still passing nastiness around our house- I finally have medicine, but now Korben is sick again. All of that to say, we do want to get together with the Turners very soon, but will let you know when we are "safe"!
Hope you guys are doing well.

Liz*** said...

She is so fun! It was great to see you guys last week. We will have to do it again soon!

Allison said...

HEY! Hope yall stayed warm this weekend. Burrrr!!!

This past week came and left in a hurry! We need to schedule something fun for this week. I know Hudson would love to play! We could do Chuck E Cheese for an early lunch one day. Give me a call when you have a free sec!

Oh, and LOVED the video of Claire.