Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Body parts

Luke is beginning to learn his body parts. It is pretty cute, but you can tell he gets annoyed with me asking him to point them out all day long. This is a video of Luke showing you his favorites.

In other news... Claire starts Young Children's World (pre-school/ mothers day out) one day a week on Thursday. I get teary thinking about it. I can't even read all of my friends blogs right now, because they are all about first days of school. Can Thursday get here any quicker... I am dreading it, and I just want it over with. Don't get me wrong... it will be nice to have some time with Luke. I am just not ready for her to be in school. One more thing... I cannot get over her taking a nap at school. It is breaking my heart. Why? I don't know! It's silly... I'm sure you are all reading this and thinking how ridiculous I am being! Just plain ridiculous.

Anyway... enough already. I will put pictures of Claire up on her first day of school in my next post.

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