Thursday, November 15, 2007

No words to describe this one...

This morning I took Claire to school, just like every Thursday morning. The only difference today was that I was driving Jeff's car... mine was in the shop. So, we are driving down the highway and Claire opens her door! I almost had a heart attack. There was no where to pull over so I had to drive very carefully, as to not make the door swing all the way open. Claire was very shocked that pulling such a tiny lever could cause Mommy to react so dramatically!!! After I yelled for a while (yes, I yelled! You would have too!) she said "Mommy, it wasn't me, it was Charlie!" Charlie is Claire's imaginary friend (it's a girl!). Well, don't you worry... Charlie and Claire will never open a car door ever again!

Here are some cute pictures of Claire and her buddies. I seem to take a lot of pictures when they are all together... mostly because they are down right fun to watch and I want to catch it all on film!

Who knew candy sticks and rocking chairs could be SO much fun?

Claire and "Benjum"

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Jaime said...

Yikes!!! I am so glad you are all safe! I can't imagine how scared you were!