Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Sleep, who needs it?

I do. I don't sleep well...ever. Here is my nightly routine: wash my face, brush my teeth, pop a couple benedryl, get in bed, read, put my ultra deluxe memory foam sleep mask on, plug my ipod into the mask... pray that I can fall asleep before Jeff starts snoring. I do this EVERY night. Most nights it takes me a good hour and a half to two hours to fall asleep. Needless to say, I get very bitter if someone wakes me up in the middle of the night. Lately I have been blaming EVERYTHING on my lack of sleep. I want to work out, but I am SO tired. I want to get more done around the house, I want to take the kids on walks... blah blah blah. So, "My question is" (that's Claire's favorite thing to say right now!) how do you fall asleep quickly? If you are an expert sleeper, clue me in, because I feel like I am going to pass out as I type!

Not much is going on at our house at the moment. Claire and Luke are really starting to enjoy playing together. Most of the time it is pleasant, but there are occasional arguments. Last weekend our small group came over for dinner... we had a great time. I glanced out the window and saw all of the kids lined up on the playhouse porch eating there dessert. It was priceless. They are all such sweet kids. Claire gets very excited when her friends come over, this made it very hard to get her to look at me in the picture. She is mesmerized by "big" kids.

Kaylen, Payton, Ezra, Claire, Allen, and Benjamin (Luke and Anastasia were inside).

One more Luke story before I go... Today Luke was literally begging for a "nack" (snack). He seemed really hungry, so I gave in. Before I would give it to him I told him that he had to give me a hug and a kiss. He kept telling me no, but finally gave in. After he put two and two together he kept giving me hugs and kisses all morning! What a little stinker... he sure is smart!

Claire, Luke and Daddy watching football and having a "nack".


Andrea said...

By the look on Jeff's face, this must have been the Colts vs Pats game!?! As with sleep issues...I'm fortunate that Frank works midnights so I get the whole bed to myself. Jeff needs to make sure he doesn't have sleep apnea like Frank does. As far as you go, sorry, no help here...I'm not a good sleeper either. My issue is I wake in the middle of the night for hours at a time. :-(

Jennie said...

I will email you re: sleep issue. The pictures are so cute.

April said...


Hi I am Allison's cousin. I love reading about Claire and Luke have 2 sweet cute kids.
I have problems sleeping and if I take 2 bendryls it wires me. Try taking 1 or 1 and a half.


Rozie said...

Brandon is a poor sleeper. He started biking alot, and we think the regular intense exercise has helped. There's also this one yoga move that's supposed to help with insomnia... I'll show it to you next time we hang out.

Good luck

Laura Beth said...

Hey Emily! I am so glad you found me! How? The blogging world is so fascinating that you can be one or two people "removed" and find others. Your two kiddos are precious . . . I had no idea! And of course I remember you! Shiloh is very near and dear to our hearts, Chad is actually on the board now with Shiloh and they had a board meeting last night. Keep in touch!

Kelli said...

Your kids are so cute! Sometimes I can't fall asleep either. Usually I have to wait until I am literally exhausted and about to fall asleep, then I can go to bed and fall asleep fast. Maybe that will help you...Joe Dan snored when we first got married and it was awful. We eventually figured out that he was allergic to our down comforter. Maybe that's the issue with the snoring? Hope you figure it out soon! Love you!