Saturday, February 02, 2008

Drama queen

No, I'm not talking about Me, or Claire... I'm talking about Bailey, the dog! On Thursday I took her to the vet for her 9 week puppy vaccinations. Routine, no big deal. Yeah, right! They gave her two shots and then I started asking some questions. After the vet stepped out of the room, Bailey started throwing up. I stuck my head out of the door to ask if it was normal. The vet came running in the room, and just as she got there Bailey passed out and started convulsing. Apparently, she was in anaphylactic shock because she is allergic to the vaccines. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Not only do I have two highly allergic children, but now I have a highly allergic dog!!! They revived her and gave her IV meds and fluids. They watched her for a while and then we were able to go pick her up. Drama.

Yesterday I let Claire take the dog outside to play. I went to the other room and was gone for only a few minutes. When I came back to check on them, this is what I found... (I'm still not sure how Claire got her into the swing!)
Claire assumed that BABY swings could be used for baby dogs, as well as baby humans. We had a long talk about why this was not acceptable. Can you tell how much she loves this little puppy? Don't worry, I won't let Bailey get injured!

Lastly, how FABULOUS is my new blog header!!!! Kelly at Fabulous K designs made it for me... go check her blog out!


Leah said...

Oh dear, how scary! Glad she is okay and so glad that Claire likes her so much!

Amanda said...

Hey Emily,
I somehow found your blog, very randomly, while surfing blogs of people I don't know. I've loved reading up on Claire and can see why she and Gracie Claire are friends. They're pretty similar. I sent out birthday invitations on Saturday, so hopefully you'll be getting it soon. Maybe we could get together before then to let the girls play.

Love the dog in the swing and LOVE your bags!