Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

I love this day... I think everyday should be Valentines Day! OK, moving on...
Here is a funny story for you. Yesterday, I was busy trying to get the house in order. I seem to spend everyday doing that, it never seems to get finished. Anyway, Bailey needed to go outside, so I let her out. I don't recall ever letting her in. So, I went out back and frantically searched for her. I started to panic because she was no where to be found. I went out front to look for her, I screamed her name. I think I almost had an anxiety attack! We have only had her for a few weeks, and I had already lost her!!! I went inside and contemplated calling Jeff to tell him what was happening. Right when I picked up the phone to dial I looked into the living room. There she was, curled up by Luke's blanket. She was fast asleep... she probably never heard me calling her name! So, needless to say, I felt the sudden urge to go get her micro-chipped and tagged!
Seriously, I might be losing my mind! I found pot holders in the refrigerator this morning. I immediately thought to blame it on Claire. Unfortunately, the sweet thing can't reach that high! Ugh! I guess it was me!
Just thought I would get all of that out. Does confessing your scatter brained craziness help it to go away?! I hope so!

They love this dog!!! Thankfully, she puts up with them loving her!


Uncle John said...

Hi Emily,

Glad you got Bailey chipped and tagged. Jack was chipped when we got him at the shelter. Your beagle is the perfect dog for kids - incredibly gentle.

Allison said...

I miss yall already too!! I am ready for our weekly playdate and catch-up! I'll call ya this week!!! Loved all the pictures of the kiddos.