Wednesday, May 21, 2008

In Colorado...

Hi. I am still in Colorado. The kids and I came up to visit my family for a while. My Grandpa (sometimes referred to as Opa on this blog) is very sick. It has been a hard visit. We will be coming home on Friday.
So many people have come by to see my Grandpa, and we have been able to see most of them too. Claire has had a great time showing off... A few days ago Claire and I had the following conversation...
C- Mom, did you see that guys ears???
E- What guy?
C- That guy with the thing in his nose!
(she was referring to a very good friend of the family who is on oxygen)
E- Oh, yeah. His name is Gene. That thing in his nose helps him breath better.
C- Oh, but did you see his ears?
E- What was different about them?
C- He had ROCKS in them!!!
E- ?????????
Jeff chimed in at this moment and clued me in to the fact that she was talking about his hearing aides!!!
We all had a good laugh over that one.

Pictures coming shortly...


Britney K said...

Oh my, I laughing so hard! That Claire is a cutie! I'm sorry to hear about your grandpa. I'll be praying!

Sarah said...

That story is hysterical! Isn't it funny how their little minds work?!?!? Your family is in our prayers. Have a safe trip home!

Allison said...

HEY!!! I tagged you!

Great talking with you today! Miss ya!~

♥B said...

Too Cute. Kids say the cutest things!