Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Funny like his Daddy...

Those of you that know Jeff know that he is pretty funny. He is always making jokes, or trying to. In the last few days, Luke has said some things that are too good not to share. I also want to document them for future use! :)

1. After dinner one night Luke came in and told me he had food in his mouth. I was some what confused. But, after more questioning I realized that he had something stuck in his tooth. He ended up yelling "Get it Mommy! I want you to get it so I can eat it!" GROSS. If your wondering if he ate it, he did. EWWW.

2. On Sunday Jeff was giving the kids a bath. When he was done I went upstairs to help put pj's on and get them ready for bed. I had Luke. As I was combing his hair I was telling him how HANDSOME he looked. He objected by saying...

"No Mommy, I NOT handsome!!! I FANCY!" While he said this he shook his little bottom and had his hands on his hips. Oh, my goodness... I almost died laughing!!!!

On another note, my parents have been in town for a few days. It has been such a fun visit! We went to the Japanese gardens today, so look out for some fun pictures of that soon. Also, this last weekend we took the kids to a business outing of sorts for Jeff's work. They had a family day at a local ranch... we even got our own REAL cowboy hats! SO FUN!

My cowboys

Claire petting the armadillo

One more thing... check out my Mom's new etsy site. I have also added a couple of new things to mine. I will be adding things frequently as we approach the holidays! I added this bag tonight...

Corduroy sunset

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