Wednesday, December 10, 2008


OK ladies!!! It's time for a contest! My first to be exact! You all know that i HEART Twilight, the movie, the books, the everything about it actually. No shame people! So, let's have a Twilight contest!!!

Here is the deal... I am tired of having no comments to read on my blog, so what better way to remedy the situation than to give away some Twilight bling? :) To enter, you must leave a comment with your name and your favorite quote from one of the books, or the movie (gasp, if you haven't read the books!)

Your prize? Well, see below! I have made some fabulous Twilight bling! If you aren't lucky enough to win on Saturday at noon, then you can see these cuties on my etsy site! I will randomly draw a name and post it here, then I will send the luck winner one pendant and chain of there choice! If you would rather have another quote, then by all means... it will be yours! :)

I can't wait to hear all of your favorite quotes... and most of all... I can't wait to see all of you Twilight junkies come out of hiding! No shame ladies! :)
Update: There is a potential for spoilers here, so just be aware of that when you open the comments!


Sarah Lou said...

Yayyyy, I'm first! I can't narrow mine down yet, so here are a few.

Here's a funny one to start us off.

Edward to Bella:

"Your hair looks like a haystack… but I like it."

To be serious...

Edward to Bella:

"you are my life now" ahhhhh

AND lastly, on a riskay note:

Edward to Bella

"We’re just lucky it was the pillows and not you."

Amber McMullen said...

"How old are you?"
"And how long have you been seventeen?"
"A while"


"You are the most important thing to me now. The most important thing to me ever."

"Be safe"

Yes, I am 32 years old and addicted to the Twilight series. I am in the process of reading the books for the 3rd time.

Anonymous said...

I can't read and I refuse to watch that crap.

But my favorite quote in general is, "That's what she said."

Jeff T.
The Husband

Mo said...

I have narrowed it down to two...

Emmett: Fall down again, Bella?
Bella: No, Emmett, I punched a werewolf in the face.

Edward: Do you want me to sing to you? I'll sing all night if it will keep the bad dreams away.

P.S. You ROCK, Jeff!

Supermom said...

Yes, yes...I am a Twilight junkie & proud of it. My favorite quote by far:



Sarah P said...

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Jennie said...

From Eclipse:
Edward to Bella:
"Look after my heart--I've left it with you." (sigh)

Sappy, I know...but it is the kind of romance that all of us girls dream of...JEFF! I think all men could learn something from Edward about selfless love and devotion.

Yes, I have been hooked on the Twilight series for a few months now, I have all 4 books, the soundtrack, and I've seen the movie 4 times. It's good to have an obsession, right? Just kidding. I do like the books because of the back story of family, loyalty, romance, love, friendship and motherhood.

Kelli said...

Duh, of course I'm hooked on Twilight! I'm not sure anyone could resist if they gave it a chance, even Jeff. :) Probably my favorite quote is "Your hair looks like a haystack, but I like it." I love me some Edward. In my book, he's right up there with Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice) and Gilbert Blythe(Anne of Green Gables).

Christy Z said...

OK. I'm not actually going to go back and find my favorite quote (although all the above mentioned ones are good!) I'm on the 4th book. But my favorite part of the movie was when she went to the Cullen's house for the first time and they were watching the cooking channel to cook for her. I thought it was funny that they never cooked and never used their kitchen! Good luck with your contest!!!

Haley said...

Ok So yes I am a huge jinkie, got my whole fam into it too, even a brother in the navy in africa, just sent him book four, ubt my fav line is the last word of book four, "Forever"

and yes I secretly hate bella for landing edward! I would've made a batter vampire than her! ;) lol

I love that you love these books too! I did read the chapters online from edwards point of view, and it's great! and I also read that Stephanie tells her readers to go back and re-read them all b/c most people fly through them so fast they miss alot, esp from new moon, b/c we just skim over it all until edward comes back!

I hope I win one, I really need another Twilight thing for david to make fun of me for! lol

Christy Z said...

Ok. I decided on some favorite parts. In Jacob's part of the 4th book, I love the titles to his chapters. My two favorites are...

"Why didn't I just walk away? Oh right, because I'm an idiot."

"You know things are bad when you feel guilty for being rude to vampires!"