Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Happy Birthday Claire!!!

I can hardly believe that Claire is 4 today! It seems like she was so little just a few months ago. Now, she is so self sufficient. She can dress herself and buckle herself into her car seat. She can color a coloring page without going out of the lines. She knows the words to whole songs. One more... she is so sweet. She is a sweet loving little girl. She loves her friends and her family so much. And for that, I am so proud of her! I am so thankful everyday that God blessed Jeff and I with Claire! Happy 4th Birthday Claire!

Last night Claire got to take her two BFF's Kaylen and Gracie Claire to Chili's and Build a Bear for her Birthday. Then, they got to come back to our house for Claire's very first sleep over. To say the least, they had F-U-N!!!! :)

Here are a few pictures. I am a little sad that they didn't turn out better, but it's hard to capture that much fun in action! :)

Claire named her bunny "Ella".

Every bunny needs a bath, right?!

Claire, Gracie Claire, and Kaylen
Let's eat cake!!!


Liz*** said...

Happy Birthday, Claire Bear! We love you and are so proud of what a big girl you are!

Laura Beth said...

What a fun birthday! Love the Build-a-Bear! Happy Birthday Claire!

Jennie said...

Happy Birthday Claire! Em, I love the new's so cute.

annalee said...

what a celebration! the 4 year old claire is just precious!

Uncle John said...

Happy Birthday, Claire. Next thing you know, you'll be saying "Mommy, I want to spend the winter in Palm Springs with Great Uncle John."