Monday, February 13, 2006

What's new?

Hi! Let's see... there is not much to blog about today, but here goes! Claire and I did erronds with our friends this morning, very fun! Now she is sleeping. I made sure to get home in time for an expected phone call at 2:30, and it never came. Annoying. The Nutrition program at ACU is being acredited again and I was asked to do a phone interview on my experience graduating from the program. It's not very nice to say you are going to call someone, and then not do it! So, tommorow is Valentines day! What does everyone have planned? Jeff and I are not doing anything tommorow. Instead we are going to take advantage of free babysitting at the church on Wednesday! We are going to go out for dinner, just the two of us! I bet there will even be eating and talking going on! Amazing. When you eat out with a one year old you don't get to do much of either! Let's see, what else... Jeff got to be at home all weekend! On Saturday morning we were having breakfast togather like always and when we were finishing Claire looked at me and said "bye, bye, Dada!" SO cute. She knows that when we finish breakfast Jeff leaves for work, but on that day, she had so much fun playing with her Daddy! So, I guess I lied... I did have a lot to blog about! I hope you all have a very romantic day tommorow!


sarah said...

I think that is my favorite picture of claire so far! and I love the lay-out, especially your header---love the "LOVE..."

Lisa Goolsby said...

I agree with Sarah - this picture is the best one yet. I am so glad that you and Jeff are getting to go out tomorrow night! Jeff and I are continuing our tradition of never having a very successful Valentine's Day date - we went to breakfast this morning at a really nasty greasy diner across the street from our apartment. Yum! I think we are going to have Raising Cane's tonight for dinner - have you been to the one in your area yet? If you haven't you're missing out! Love you. Lisa