Tuesday, March 28, 2006


So, my friend Carolyn blogged about being tagged and how she doesn't play by the typical blog tag "rules." I usually ignore the tag games... sorry about that for those that have tagged me (Matt and Andrea). So to redeem myself I thought I would join in on this fun game... here are Carolyns rules: This tag game requires one to list five quirks/peculiarities/weird habits about oneself. Shouldn't be too hard. I think.
Here it goes...

1. I do not like to eat sandwiches. Wierd I know... I don't like how the bread gets stuck to the roof of your mouth, and I don't like lunch meat... so put them togather, and I am not to thrilled!

2. I would rather scrub the toilet (any toilet) than do dishes. I really think that old- soggy- half eaten food is gross... especially if it is someone elses!

3. I LOVE wierd documentories... my current favorite: Standing tall at Auschuitz. A story about a family of 7 dwarfs that survived the concentration camps because they were used as medical experiments. Any show that contains information on abnormal human or non-human life I am fascinated with!

4. I have two toes that are partially webbed! EWW... I guess they could make a documentary on my feet!

5. Lately, I have been extremely forgetful (maybe because I am preggo?) For example... I have left the refrigerator door open for over an hour, merely because I forgot to close it! I have done several loads of laundy without laundry detergent, once again, because it just didn't cross my mind to put it in! And my favorite... Jeff was watching a baseball game on tv, and the announcer made a comment about it being 2:00. The stadium was all lit up, and the sky was dark, but don't worry, I did ask Jeff if he meant AM, or PM! WOW. Jeff didn't answer my question... his eyes just got real big.

So now that I have told you some really ridiculous things about myself, I expect some fun info about yourself!
Have a great day!


Mo said...

Okay, you know what's totally wierd? You're my best friend in the whole world, and I lived with you for what, four years? And I had no idea you didn't like sandwiches, or that you have webbed toes! I do know that you have really high arches, and don't like to wash dishes, and I would love to watch a good documentary with you any day!

Lisa Goolsby said...

This post really made me laugh out loud! I was eating a sandwich while I was reading it too. I think I might still have some bread stuck in my mouth! Kidding. I am in total agreement about the toliet and dishes issue - I think once you are done eating the food is officially dead and who wants to touch dead food?? Thanks for sharing your weirdness with the world.


carolyn said...

These are so funny! The laundry one cracks me up--I have done entire loads of laundry that had no clothes in them. Soap, water, cycle, everything but the clothes. I'm so glad you decided to play tag!