Thursday, October 05, 2006

Random things.

I should be in bed. We have this really bad habit of staying up late and watching all of our DVR'd shows. These are a few things I am thinking about...
1. Ugly Betty. Have you seen it? It is pretty good. Kind of a spin off of 'The Devil Wears Prada' in a round about way. You should watch it next week.
2. The Office. SOO funny. I Ab Lounged it while watching it tonight. It is really hard to do crunches while you are laughing... maybe I burned more calories though?
3. The Ab Lounger. Yup, the one from the infomercial. I got one, and I LOVE it! It is so easy to do, yet it burns! Skinny, here I come (hopefully).
4. Chocolate chip "Smell'ems". Anyone want to guess what this is? Well, you probably didn't guess bubbles did you? Bubbles, you know, the bottle with the stick with the holes on the end. Tons of fun for kids. Claire LOVES "bubs". We ran out, and I have been searching for more at every store I can think of. Whoever decided that "bubs" were a "seasonal item" is not kid friendly. Well, after a week of searching I found some at Walmart in a tiny bin under the off brand toys. They are not any old "bubs", they are chocolate chip "bubs". Can you imagine a little kid trying to sniff "bubs" that are floating in the air? I am laughing just thinking of it. I'll let you know how that turns out tomorrow!
5. Project Runway. I was a little disappointed this week. I just don't get into re-cap shows.
6. Lost. Good... but our DVR cut out the last 5-10 minutes. I wanted to cuss... but I didn't.
7. The Bachelor. Yes, it's that time again ladies. My FAVORITE show. Although, this season I think it is truly about status and not just about getting the cute guy. He is a prince, from Italy. I don't think the girls care what he looks like. The season premier was worth quite a few laughs. I can't wait for next week. (Mel- do you want a reminder call? I would hate for next week to result in another tragedy!)
Well, that should do it for tonight. Now that I have cleared my head I think I will be able to sleep.


Andrea said...

So, we tried the office...didn't laugh..we must be really dumb and just don't get it! :-) LOVE THE BACHELOR! Also, I am into Runaway on The CW, very good and intense...kinda like the Fugutive. Other than that, it's our typical "reality" tv...Survivor, Amazing Race, etc. Hope you guys are doing well. No major decisions made yet, but we'll keep you posted!

Leah said...

Last night was my first night of watching a full espisode of the Office and it was so funny! I imagine that it would be hard to do abs while watching. I was just lazy and laid in the floor. But I like it--it is unlike any show I have ever seen before.

Mo said...

Yes, please! I won't be at the house to see it, but I can tape it and watch it later! Maybe they will recap from last week's premiere (I'm with you on recap shows, but I think I could handle this one :)