Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I switched my blog to beta mode. It is a lot easier to publish that way... if you haven't switched yet, you should check it out. This morning I put training pants on Claire. Not successful. I kept asking her all morning if she needed to go potty. She kept telling me no. She held it all the way until after lunch. I asked her again. This time she got really excited and said "YES, POTTY!" We ran into the bathroom (i was all excited too!), pulled down the training pants and YIKES... she had made me a present. I really thought it wouldn't gross me out, but it did. She felt really bad, she almost cried. This gives me hope though. I really think that after a few days of this she will be ready. You wanted to know all that right?! Here are a few pictures from our recent trip to Colorado. There aren't any of Luke... oops. Claire had so much fun with her Opa and Oma (German for Grandpa and Grandma). I thought I would also give you a Luke update: In two short days he has learned to rollover front to back and back to front. This morning he was up on his hands and knees. I hope it takes a while for him to learn to crawl... I'm not ready for that yet!

Claire playing in Opa's bird bath

Claire and Opa filling the bird bath

Claire smelling Nana's flowers

Claire playing with bubbles Posted by Picasa

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