Thursday, March 01, 2007

Nine Months?

Can you believe that Luke is nine months old? I can't! He had his nine month check up yesterday. He weighed 23 pounds and was 31 inches long! WOW! Claire only has him beat buy 4 pounds. Today he learned how to clap his hands... the cutest thing I have ever seen! He is SO serious about it. He is also cruising all over the furniture and around the whole house with his little car. I really think he will be walking with in weeks!
This video is one that I took of Claire a few days ago. Her new favorite thing is to stand on the fireplace and pretend it is her stage! (ABL taught her that.) She is singing Rock a bye your bear by The Wiggles and Jesus Loves me (the short version).
My parents are coming to visit this weekend, and we are SO excited! I will post pictures next week!

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ABL said...


I am so glad that she is taking the stage! The world is going to be her stage- such a natural performer. I love that girl.

Hope you had a great weekend in Abilene (last weekend) and Jeff survived with the kiddos.

See you guys soon!

Allison said...

I hope yall had the BEST time with your parents. I cannot believe that Luke is 9 months. Where has the time gone? FLOWN BY! That is such a sweet video of Claire too! I love love hearing her sing!