Monday, June 18, 2007

Praise... and updates.

Luke's blood work came back normal!!! The nurse and pediatrician are confused by this, but I am confidant that God heard our prayers!

  • In other news: Our air conditioner got fixed!

  • I had SO much fun on my birthday (Saturday). We had dinner with friends at the Rain Forest cafe on Friday night, a fun dinner at home with friends on Saturday night, and a great cookout with our small group on Sunday night! A very great weekend!

  • Jeff got a new driver (golf) for Fathers day... he loves it. (He should though, he picked it out!)

  • I haven't seen the spider since our photo shoot.

  • Jeff and I leave for Puerto Vallarta a week from today!!!!!

Here are a few pictures from last night of Claire having a BLAST with her bff "Benjum" (Benjamin).

How sweet is this?

The next two pictures give you a hint that Claire thinks it's normal to ride in the car and talk on the phone... I wonder how she learned that? :)


Andrea said...

So glad to hear the good news about Luke! Claire and "her man" are adorable! I wish we lived closer so we could see you guys! Have fun on your trip. BTW, Happy Belated Birthday!!!

Amy Wiebe said...

Yea!!! Great news. We were praying... I'm glad the results came back so quickly!

Holly O'Quinn said...

Praise the Lord! I'm so glad everything is okay with Luke!

Brooks Inc. said...

As Benjum's mom I am thinking these pics are pretty cute...even cuter was the fact that he asked her to buckle her seat belt when she got in the jeep. Hence the yellow velcro around her waist!

So thankful for Luke's news!
SO thankful for your family!