Thursday, June 07, 2007

Say what?

Today at lunch Claire and I had an all out battle over eating. She refused. She used to be such a great eater, wait... she IS a good eater if Jeff is around. Anyway... I was trying very hard not to get upset with her. I said something like"Claire put the food in your mouth and chew it!". She responded with "Mom, if my mouth is closed I CANNOT eat my lunch!!!" Then she clamped her teeth together and smiled really big! AGGHH- so frustrating, yet SOO funny. When she says things like that I cannot help but laugh. A few more Claire quotes for you...

  • "Mom, I wuv Jesus and Winney the Pooh."

  • "Mom, take wuke (Luke) over there. I don't want him here."

Since Luke can't talk yet I will just post a few pictures of him!

Mr. Personality getting a haircut!

Luke loves to swim!!!

Hey Mom! This is a boat right?


Andrea said...

I love the new pictures...especially the first one of Claire!

Jennie said...

Ah, Claire, she never disappoints. I think she might be a handful for a long time. The pics of Luke are really cute, they really show his whimsical personality.

Kelli said...

Girl, your kids are so precious! Claire cracks me up, and I can't believe how much Luke is growing! So fun!