Thursday, May 31, 2007

Birthday Party

Luke had a great time at his birthday party! He loved eating his blue cake, and he had fun playing with all of the paper and balloons! Claire had a great time too, however, it was hard to convince her that the party was not in fact for her... but for her brother! Here are some pictures.

Luke and his ocean cake.

Claire and Luke

"Ugh... I think I ate too much cake Mom."



Liz*** said...

He is the cutest thing! I love the last picture!!

Andrea said...

OH! He is growing up so fast! My boys all graduate to the next classes at church on Sunday. Jeremiah is no longer considered a baby!!! :-(

Angela said...

TOO CUTE!!! I don't think they could get any cuter! Happy Birthday Luke!!

Holly O'Quinn said...

How fun! The cake is awesome Emily. I'm sure you made it. We need to get you on the Oprah show some how so she can market all of your cool ideas and expertise. Then you can come out with your own magazine named by emily.... and then your own crafty TV show, and....just remember it was my idea....ha ha... :)

ABL said...

I love the cake! So sad we missed it. We do need to get together soon...I've missed talking to you. Maybe next week one day? r ya'll doing vbs?