Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mothers Day

I had a great Mothers Day weekend. My massage was heavenly. We worked in the yard on Saturday, and then went to church and dinner that night! Luke waved for the first time and even learned how to clap his hands on demand. Jeff took this picture of me and the kids. I am so excited to have a picture with them... I am always the one taking the pictures!

On a very sad note... we are down to one cat. On Saturday Tucker got outside. He is an indoor cat, so I always freak out when he gets outside, because he is declawed. I wasn't worried because he always comes back. Well, this time was WAY different. Jeff and I had finished working in the backyard and moved on to the front. Jeff climbed over the bushes to pull a few stray weeds... Tucker came running from another yard and started hissing and spitting and growling at Jeff. It was demonic. I have never seen him act like that. Jeff jumped out of the bushes and grabbed the broom. He hit the bushes a few time (not the cat) and Tucker ran off. We haven't seen him since. I have very mixed horrible emotions. First, I am SAD. I love Tucker. Jeff gave him to me as a gift in college. Second, I am relieved. Last week Tucker scratched Luke in the face. Third, I am scared to go outside. I am so afraid he is going to come back. Jeff said that he is not welcome to come back. I am not upset with Jeff, because I understand that Tucker is a safety issue for the kids... and the do come first. Anyway... if you know me, you know how much I love my kitties. Please pray that Tucker doesn't come back... I just don't think I can handle it if he does. Thanks for letting me get all of that out.
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Amy Wiebe said...

What a great photo of you three! That is really sad about Tucker. How strange! We'll be praying that God will take him to a more suitable home. :)

Wendy said...

You look SO beautiful in that photo! (And your kids look pretty adorable too.) Sad news about your cat. I'm a cat person too (despite only having a dog at the moment), and I completely relate.

ABL said...

How wierd about Tucker. What is the latest? Any sign of him.

That is a PERFECT picture of your family. Hope you got it printed and framed. I love it!

Julie said...

This is a great picture! I can't believe that Luke is already 1 !!