Friday, May 11, 2007

This and that...

Happy Mothers Day (a little bit early)!!! Jeff and the kids got me a massage at a spa... i can't wait! I love being a Mom. I love taking care of Claire and Luke. I don't even mind wiping noses and changing gross diapers. I will admit to looking forward to nap time and bed time though!

I won't get too sappy, but I also wanted to say Happy Mothers Day to my Mom. She is the best Mom in the whole world. Also, Happy Mothers day Janis (Jeff's Mom)... I am very thankful for you. The other Moms in my life: Grandma Elva, Marie and Aunt Ruth... Happy Mothers day! And lastly, all of my Mommy friends... Allison M, Allison L, Liz, Angie, Holly, Andrea, Becky B, Jessica M, Angela F, Stephie F... I am thankful for your friendship. You are all great examples for me ( i hope I didn't leave anyone out!). Oh, wait... I can't leave out my first time preggo friends! Jennie and Sarah, I am so excited for ya'll. You are both going to be great Moms. So, Happy FIRST Mothers Day!!!

Random things that I have been thinking about:

  • Next weekend my parents are coming to watch the kids while Jeff and I go on a FREE!! company appreciation weekend at the Four Seasons in Las Colinas! I CAN"T WAIT!!!!

  • My new favorite thing is Coke Zero... way better than diet coke.

  • Luke has been on antibiotics for 10 days now... why does he still have a snotty nose? Anybody???

  • Why is there not a clothing designer out there for the 25-35 age group? I just don't feel comfortable in the Juniors section anymore... anything you might suggest?

  • Luke will be ONE on the 25th! How crazy is that?!

  • If you have a chance go to This little guy needs a lot of prayers.

Thanks for reading! Here are some new pictures...

Claire was pretending to rescue Baby Jaguar from the tree, this is a picture of her catching him!
The sweetest face I have ever seen.
Luke and KJL sharing a cup of tea.


Jennie said...

And a very happy mother's day to one of the best mom's I know.

Angela said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too, Emily!! I am so jealous of you message and the weekend at the 4 seasons!! How FUN!! Your kids are precious! I can't believe Luke is 1!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Emily for making my day!
I am so proud of you....It is a very wonderful feeling to see your daughter become such a great mom!

Have a wonderful day!

Love, You Mom

Andrea said...


Happy Mothers Day to you!

Jeremiah has also been on antibiotics for 10 days and still the snotty nose. Must be going around. Benadryl...if nothing else, it will give you a good nights rest! :-)

Matt & Cindy Fleharty said...

Adorable pics. Happy Mother's day!

And I totally agree...why isn't there a designer for 25-35? I've asked myself the same question many times!