Monday, November 28, 2005

Busy Week...

Thanksgiving was great! We went to a hotel brunch with some close friends and there family. It was very posh... champaigne, turkey, dressing, sushi, chocolate fountains, every kind of dessert known to mankind. Basically whatever your heart desired! Then to top a great day off, I got to see the new Harry Potter movie- SO good! They left a lot out, but nothing I would miss. Friday night I made Jeff Thanksgiving dinner Harrow style (very traditional). He insisted that he needed left- overs. Saturday we went shopping and bought a new dining room set, which I am so excited about. And yesterday we did stuff around the house, including putting up the Christmas tree! I just got back from the doctor... blood work- YUCK. This afternoon I go to the chiropracter. Ok, my whole entire week is like this. Some where in there I have to find time to clean, order a cake for the big birthday bash, get party stuff... on and on... My Mom and Dad are getting in on Friday morning- very exciting. So, this should be a very fast week! Yikes!!!

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lisa goolsby said...

Ok, I checked your blog twice in one morning and I'm glad because you had a new post! Post a picture of your new dinning room set so I can see.

love you,