Monday, November 14, 2005

Funny... but not.

For those of you that know Jeff, you will totally understand this funny comment he made last night. We were standing in our bathroom, at our own sinks getting ready for bed. Out of the no were he turns to me and says "Ya know, once you have kids, they never go away." Ok, so at first I was like- "JEFF, that is horrible..." which i say a million times a day. but then he went on to say that he would never want it any other way. He can't imagine not having Claire, and either can I. He then went on to ask me if I ever thought of how our life would be now if we didn't have Claire. No, actually I had not pondered that thought. He had... vacations, two incomes, etc... my response "yeah, that stuff is nice, but would you rather go to Cancun, or have the sweetest little girl in the whole world lick your face goodnight (her version of a kiss.)?" He chose the wet kiss. That made me feel great, it is a very sweet thing to see a Dads love for his Daughter.
Ok, for the not so funny part... after our conversation i could not sleep. I layed in bed worrying (which I do well) about if I were ever to lose Claire. What would I do? It makes me teary just to think about it. So enough of that... i finally fell asleep and woke up to Claire chattering in her crib. Not a bad way to wake up!


Lisa Goolsby said...

Since I know Jeff I find that all very funny!! What does that comerical say..."Having a baby changes everything!"


sarah said...

claire is very blessed to have parents like you..I'll be sure to remind her of that her whole life...and that her Dad chose wet kisses over Cancun