Thursday, November 10, 2005

Claire's New Coat

My Mom made Claire a new coat for winter! It is SO cute... I hope it starts getting cold here, otherwise she will never get to wear it. Today I made an outfit for Claire. I wanted to make her a Christmas outfit, something special that you wouldn't see any one else wearing. It turned out to be a success, kind of... it is so big i think she might be able to wear it when she is 4. I guess I have some re-sewing to do!


Lisa Goolsby said...

Oh, my gosh!! Sooo cute! Please print me a copy and send it to me. When we get back to Dallas I want one on one sewing lessons. Or maybe I'll just hire you to do all my sewing!

Love you and miss you.


sarah said...

well even if it doesn't get cold, at least she is super cute in that coat for pictures! Can't wait to see what you made her...its so awesome you can do that!