Thursday, August 02, 2007

Catch up.

I haven't blogged in a while. It seems like the longer you wait to blog, the harder it is. So, here we go... this will be a catch up session.

Luke- Can you believe that he is already 14 months old? I can't. He is walking/ running everywhere. He is saying a few words (ball, fish, kitty...). He has learned how to sign "more" and "please". I am so proud of him. On Tuesday he fell and hit his forehead really hard. He has a giant goose egg that is a very pretty shade of green!

Claire- How long are the terrible twos supposed to last? When Claire is having a good day, we are potty training. She is on a "star" system. Every time she goes she gets 1 star or 2 stars (i will let you figure that one out! :) ) She earned 20 stickers a few days ago and we celebrated with an "ice cream party"! What a big girl!

Me- I have been busy making dresses and bags. I LOVE, LOVE to sew in my free time (which is only when the kids are asleep and my chores are done!) I have also been reading the new Harry Potter... Yeah, Yeah I know... all of you have already finished reading it! Well, I only get to read right before bed. That means I usually fall asleep half way through a page. Maybe someday I will finish it!

Jeff- He is still busy at work... It's really nice that he gets to come home earlier these days. Along with the above, his company also caters lunch everyday for all of there employees. It is a daily habit for me to ask him "what did you eat for lunch today?" (Here comes a random story!) Well, today when I asked him, he said "Blue Mesa". Wow, for lunch?!! So I said, "well, aren't you special!" Without even a pause he said "yeah, I'm kind of a big deal!"

So, does anyone know what movie that is from? Not only is Jeff great at movie quotes, but he can also ALWAYS make me laugh! I love you Jeff!

Well, I guess that gets you caught up on the Turner clan... I guess you really where not missing much! :)


Andrea said...

What an adorable dress! The pictures of the kids are great. We really miss you guys and hope to see you soon!!!

Allison said...


Seriously, it is AMAZING! I am going to have to do an entry on my blog about that dress. I'll be your marketing girl! :)

Hope yall have a great weekend.